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Gothic Dresses & Womenís Formal Wear

Whether the event is a formal affair or just another Wednesday, you'll definitely break some necks in a piece from our collection of casual and fancy gothic dresses. Weíve got everything from skintight and sexy clubwear to formal gothic gowns that just might make the bridegroom think again. Let your inner dark queen shine with a dress that puts a whole new spin on the LBD. Having a last-minute outfit crisis? Donít worry, we'll get your dress there in a hurry. We keep tons of cute punk and emo dresses in stock, and we ship fast!

At Kateís Clothing, we love to celebrate women who arenít afraid to stick out like a well-dressed evil thumb, even at formal events where everyone else is happy to look conventional. Thatís not the girl we know! Shop our catalog of alternative formal wear for women with a sense of adventure. We want to make you look wicked good!

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Killstar Gothic Dark Side Split Dress Killstar Gothic Season Split Dress Killstar Gothic Harry Vest Dress
Stunning maxi dress from Killstar. A perfectly gothic maxi t-shirt dress featuring a large white, skeletal, crescent moon. This perfectly Gothic t-shirt dress features the classic Killstar seasons print reading 'Sping colours: Black, Summer Colours: Black, Fall Colours: Black, Winter Colours: Black'. Awesome Gothic vest dress from Killstar! Featuring a printed white image inspired by a satanic Harry Potter character surrounded by hissing snakes and skulls
Killstar Gothic Elasticated Addams Dress Killstar Gothic Hell Vest Dress Killstar Gothic Dropout Dead Crop
A perfectly gothic maxi version of the classic Wednesday Addams style dress, The Kill Star Cemetery Lane Dress features a white fold down collar Great Gothic vest dress from Killstar! Featuring large printed white flaming text reading 'It Was More Fun In Hell'. Super soft knit crop sweater! Ribbed alternative ladies top is made from a dropout, fuzzy fabric with an ultra soft feel. 100% Acrylic. Dead design.
Killstar Gothic Witchy Skater Dress Killstar Gothic F* Mondays Vest Dress Killstar Gothic Symbolic Fringe Dress
Beautifully Gothic skater style dress from Killstar! This gorgeous black dress features a 'Witchy & Bitchy' design on the chest in a classic Bewitched style font. Awesome Gothic vest dress from Killstar! Featuring large printed white skeleton hand surrounded by the text 'F**k Mondays' so you can show the world how you feel. A beautiful, figure hugging, and flattering gothic dress from Killstar. This alternative mini dress features an all over pattern of white symbols, with fringing running along its sleeves.
Killstar Gothic McGoth Knit Dress Killstar Gothic Sabbath Kimono Dress Killstar Gothic Jinx Sorcery Hood Dress
Lovely Gothic knitted sweater dress from Killstar. This relaxed fit dress features a white bat in an 'M' shape, with 'McGoth' written below. Beautiful fitted kimono dress from Killstar. Featuring a great Gothic print of a hissing cat in the centre of a pentagram, with a large white crescent moon in the background. Extremely easy to wear, this dress comes in a classic sorcery cut with long pointed sleeves, and hood, in a bold black and white block print.
Killstar Gothic Stargazer Skater Dress Killstar Gothic Idol Hood Dress Killstar Gothic Magi Skater Dress
Made from a gorgeous, soft, black velvet this Gothic dress features a burnout repeated pattern of stars, crescent moons, and other symbols. Beautiful Gothic dress from Killstar. Extremely easy to wear, this dress comes in a classic witches cut with long pointed sleeves, a hood, and features a striking white print of the Horned God. Super cute skater style dress from Killstar. This Gothic black skater dress features an eye catching pentagram shaped neckline.
Killstar Gothic How About No Tunic Dress Sourpuss Gothic Crafty June Dress Sourpuss Gothic Monster Mosh Dress
Lovely Gothic tunic dress from Killstar! This great dress is a must have for any alternative wardrobe and features a large silver star design with 'How About No' written in the constellation. Gorgeous vintage style dress with an awesome Gothic print from Sourpuss! This lovely warm grey stretch polyester dress features an awesome black Lovecraftian print. This lovely stretch fit black dress features a quirky monster inspired print, including Wolfman on drums, Frankenstein on guitar, the Mummy on bass, and the bride of Frankenstein singing lead.
Sourpuss Gothic Bats Red and Black Sweater Dress Sourpuss Retro Walk The Plank Dress Sourpuss Gothic Spooky Purple Damask Dress
Another lovely sweater dress from Sourpuss Clothing! Featuring a classic Gothic bat pattern, this red and black long sleeve sweater is ideal to keep you warm in the colder months! Gorgeous pin up inspired dress from Sourpuss! This gorgeous navy blue and light grey dress features an all over nautical print including traditional ships, telescopes, and octopi. Gorgeous Gothic Dress from Sourpuss! This stunning rich purple dress features an all over black velvet design made up of everyone's Gothic favourites; bats, and skulls.
Sourpuss Alternative Eye Blossom Lizzie Dress Iron Fist Care Bears Stare Sweater Iron Fist Gothic Wishbone Lace Dress
Beautiful alternative Lizzie dress from Sourpuss! This lovely white dress features an all over detailed print made up of oozing green eyeballs surrounded by red leaves and flowers. The Care Bears Stare sweater from Iron Fist is another great piece from their officially licensed Care Bears range. This ultra soft, fitted sweater will keep my warm and bright, plus it features a lovely Care Bear face design. A beautiful skater dress from Iron Fist made from stretch black lace. This gothic Wishbone dress features the classic Iron Fist Wishbone rib and spine print in white down the front.
Killstar Gothic Dropout Witch Knit Dress Killstar Gothic Boys/Cats Knit Dress Killstar Gothic Conjuring Hood Dress
Super soft, Gothic, knitted dress from Killstar! This lovely fuzzy rib knit dress features a bold white knitted 'WITCH' design across the chest. Lovely cosy knitted dress from Killstar! This beautiful Gothic batwing dress is all black with a bold white knitted design reading 'Boys Whatever, Cats Forever'. Dramatic and awesome Gothic dress from Killstar. This soft stretch, figure hugging, maxi dress features long flared sleeves and a large hood.
Killstar Gothic The Calling Knit Dress Motel Alternative Behati Grey Knit Dress Motel Gothic Mystical Black Slip Dress
Beautiful, soft, Gothic knitted sweater dress from Killstar! This gorgeous black distress knit dress features a large white Cthulhu inspired design on the front and cuffs. Gorgeous grey dress from Motel! This beautiful figure hugging dress is super soft and made from a soft knitted sweater material making it ideal for Winter. Beautiful black dress from Motel's Grace Neutral range! This slip style dress features an all over geometrical design with a floral inspiration.