KC counts down to M'era Luna 2017! 8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection

by Megan Garry
Photographer: Malte Schmidt 2016

8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection at M'era Luna

Here at Kate's Clothing we're getting super excited counting down to M'era Luna! Running from the 12-13th August, this festival held on Drispenstedt airfield in Hildesheim, Germany, not only offers an incredible lineup of bands year after year, but is also a huge gathering for the weirdest and most wonderful in the world of alternative fashion.
From steampunk to cybergoth, and just about every possible fashion subculture you can imagine, M'era Luna attracts thousands of pioneers of gothic and alternative fashion from all around the world, and we've been inspired to create a little list of tips for achieving gothic festival perfection - so whether you'll be attending M'era Luna or another awesome alternative festival this year (or channeling M'era Luna vibes from the comfort of your home) we've got you covered.

1. Out-of-this-world hair

One thing that you can be sure to see at M'era Luna each year is a sea of very colourful, very extravagant heads of hair. With limited packing space at a festival, a vibrant hair look can be your best bet for accessorising or creating a dramatic cosplay-inspired look. Plenty of non-permanent options are available out there if you want your hair to return back to normality when all the festival hype is over, or switch it up in time for the next one! Manic Panic's 'Amplified' range comes in an amazing range of super-bright shades, plus UV colours that will look incredible during lightshows.
To keep your hair colour fresh and vibrant, we recommend bringing a colour protecting shampoo, like this one from La Riche. It might also be a good idea to buy a few mini plastic travel bottles and decant your shampoos and conditioners to save a bit of space. Dry shampoo is also a saviour at festivals for rescuing hair in between washes, and some brands offer volumising varieties to help create the sorts of incredible gravity-defying styles seen at M'era Luna.

2. Pack wisely

You don't want to be weighed down heading to a festival, especially if you're travelling to overseas festivals like M'era Luna, or if you have a long walk to the festival grounds, but there are plenty of ways to pack killer outfits without breaking your back! We recommend selecting a few statement pieces which are lightweight, and adding extra flair with accessories which also serve a functional purpose. Another great way to add new dimensions to your outfits without the need to pack your whole wardrobe, is to take a few different pairs of tights or leggings, which are lightweight and don't take up too much space in your bag, and wear them underneath shorts or dresses to switch-up your look. Kate's clothing have a wide range of tights and leggings to suit your style, so check them out and start mixing and matching!

3. Give your feet a break

Choosing the right pair of shoes for a festival is essential. Since shoes can be bulky, you cant bring them all, and you'll also want to think about comfort and practicality. But that doesn't necessarily mean your footwear can't be as spectacular as you are! If heels are an absolute must for your look, consider packing a sturdier pair - the Trail range from New Rock are a good bet as they have some traction on the ground, and come in several vibrant colours and designs to match any outfit.
Alternatively, some chunky heels or wedges might suit: Demonia have some great styles that you can really stomp your feet in! If you do decide on heels, do pack a pair of back-up flats you can slip into when your feet get tired.
Of course, flat boots or shoes are always the best choice at festivals, and with plenty of eye-catching designs which are comfy and durable but still make a statement there's no need to let your showstopping look stop at your ankles! We love these steampunk-inspired 10-eye boots from Steel Ground, and these flats from Iron Fist are a great sensible choice.

4. Be tactical with your makeup

If you're looking for major makeup inspo, look no further than the crowds at M'era Luna! There have been some absolutely jaw-dropping displays of creativity and technical skill with makeup over the years at M'era Luna, proving that you don't have to leave your makeup arsenal at home when you're heading to a festival. The key is to pack the essentials that you need to achieve your look, or looks, and to make sure to choose brands which are long-lasting, water- and smudge-proof, and ideally have a UV filter to help protect your skin from sun damage.
Semi-permanent eyeliner like this one from Stargazer is a great choice, as it lasts all day and is easy to apply on the go. If you're planning on going beyond your everyday look and attempting some gothic face art, a felt-pen-style eyeliner is also great for adding outlines and fine detail. You could also try Stargazer's semi-permanent tattoo pens which come in a range of colours and can be applied all over the body, so you can truly unleash your creativity and experiment with some bizarre and beautiful M'era Luna inspired makeup looks. If you want a great pale white base for your look, we recommend the Manic Panic Dreamtone foundation, available here.

5. Keep your valuables safe and tidy - and your hands free!

If you're going for the full festival experience and staying in a tent, keeping a hold of your valuables and staying organised can be a challenge, and you might also want to have odds and ends like makeup, baby-wipes, hand sanitisers and snacks to hand when you venture out of your tent to explore. Plus, it's often pretty hard to resist buying trinkets and souvenirs at the stalls in between bands - especially at M'era Luna where they run a medieval market and fashion show with various booths selling gorgeous hand-crafted items.
Mini-backpacks and shoulder bags are a great way to keep your items handy without weighing you down, and there are some great gothic and alternative styles out there which mean that these can also double as accessories to complete your look: check out the awesome range on our website here! Other great options are belts, garters and harnesses with attached storage pockets, making your items stay safely by your side no matter your outfit. These can also compliment steampunk and fetish-inspired looks nicely (think of all the added studs, buckles and chains!) We have some fantastic harneses and belts from Necessary Evil, which are sure to push your outfit to the next level, with the extra storage space as an added bonus!

6. Make a statement with your outerwear

Even if the weather forecasts promise sunshine and clear skies, you should always pack a good coat or jacket in case of rain or an unexpected cold spell. A great statement coat or hoodie can also make even a relatively plain outfit look spectacular. The festivalgoers at M'era Luna certainly know how to pick outerwear as eye-catching as the rest of their outfits, and you'll see everything from lacy Neo-Victorian shawls to Viking-inspired fur and leather cloaks, alongside classic customised denim jackets and miliary-style trenchcoats. Good options are hoodies and capes which you can throw on for extra warmth in the evening, without detracting from your outfit, or perhaps a see-through raincoat so you can stay dry whilst still flaunting your alternative style.
Check out our range of ladies' and men's coats, hoodies and knitwear for some ideas, and have a look through M'era Luna's gallery for inspiration!

7. Accessories that serve a purpose

Gorgeous headwear and parasols are a common sight at M'era Luna, and these are also a great way to keep the sun and rain off your face. A wide-brimmed hat like this gorgeous one from Restyle will compliment a gothic outfit whilst also keeping you dry and your eyes shaded so that you can watch open-air shows in comfort. Sunglasses are another great choice, so browse for a statement pair to match your own personal style and don't forget to pack them!
If you're big on your jewellery and cosplay accessories, it might be wise to bring along a padded case or pouch so you can stash them safely while you're not wearing them, and avoid the risk of breaking them in transit to the festival. Alternatively, more hard-wearing options like these leather chokers from Kawaii Angel are a safe choice. Just be careful not to get caught in anyone's hair if you're planning on crowdsurfing!

8. Don't forget to enjoy the festival!

This may seem like a given, but if you're heading to M'era Luna or another alternative festival this summer, try not to get too caught up in what you're wearing and forget to enjoy the music, sights, and social opportunities that festivals offer! Go outside, soak up some rays, dance in the rain and explore and meet new friends whilst you watch your favourite bands - what could be a more perfect way to spend your summer than that? For more information about M'era Luna including lineup, ticket sales and some incredible galleries and videos showcasing gothic and alternative fashion pioneers from around the world, check out M'era Luna's website here.


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