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Take your pick from our extensive range of Alchemy Gothic jewelry and accessories and marvel at the beauty of their designs. We're sure every darkling will find something to sink their teeth into here.

Alchemy Gothic has become a byword for quality and style in the alternative scene and here at Kates Clothing we're proud to always be bringing you their lastest designs. The entire Alchemy range is made from high quality English pewter right here in the UK and will last an after-lifetime with love and care. Easy to clean, difficult to damage and breathtaking to behold we know you'll never be disappointed with Alchemy!
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Alchemy Gothic Imitation Black Rose Alchemy Gothic Mortaurium Skull Earrings Alchemy Gothic Corvus Alchemica Giftware
Beautiful artificial black rose from Alchemy Gothic. With a stem made from plastic and black fabric petals and leaves this lovely rose is an ideal way to decorate your lair!

Simple pair of classically Gothic earrings from Alchemy Gothic. These earrings, sold as a pair, feature a simple alternative style skull

An ultra Gothic piece of giftware from Alchemy Gothic, This Corvus Alchemica desk ornament is a larger than life raven skull made from Poly-Resin.
Alchemy Gothic Bomber - Rest In Peace Cuff Earring Alchemy Gothic Dragon Claw Dress Pins (Set of 3) Alchemy Gothic Ruah Vered Necklace
An awesome cuff earring from Alchemy Gothic. The 'Bomber - Rest in Peace' earring features a classic stud earring which is connected to a wrap around cuff worn at the top of your ear by a thin metallic chain.

An awesome idea from Alchemy Gothic - dragon claw topped dress pins, the easiest way to give a subtle fantasy vibe to any outfit

The Ruah Vered Necklace is a lovely gothic accessory featuring a detailed pewter pentagram entwined with a black petalled rose.

Alchemy Gothic Cobra Life Force Earring Alchemy Gothic Crystal Heart Necklace Alchemy Gothic Absinthe Fairies Leggings
Beautifully detailed single earring from Alchemy Gothic. This faux expander features an awesome hissing cobra striking through your ear with the head poised at the front of your ear and tail hanging from the rear.

A beautiful piece of Alchemy Gothic jewellery featuring a iridescent Swarovski Crystal heart

These Alchemy Gothic leggings features beautiful and detailed Absinthe fairies and skulls all over on a green swirling background.

Alchemy Gothic Osberg Dragon Earwrap Alchemy Gothic Thorny Cross Ring Alchemy Tentacle Earring
Alchemy Tentacle Earring
Our Price: £13.99
'Celtic' knotwork style dragon that wraps around the top of your ear
and fastens at the lobe. Inspired by Norse wood carvings The Osberg
Dragon Earwrap is made from polished pewter

This piece features a large traditional Gothic cross that spans two fingers, side on. This antique silver coloured pewter ring is decorated with beautiful Swarovski crystal elements

Extremely detailed Tentacle Earring made of Pewter. The earring is in two parts and creates the illusion that the tentacle goes through your ear. The pin itself is standard size so will fit any average ear piercing.
Alchemy Gothic Black Consort Ring Alchemy Gothic Wounded Love Earrings Alchemy Gothic Elizabethan Cross Earrings
This awesome pewter ring features a black Raven in flight, with it's
wings spread wide enough to cross three of your fingers when wearing. A
classically gothic wide spanning ring
These pewter based earrings feature a black acrylic rose to mask the
pin and butterfly fastening, and from these roses hang small, detailed,
pewter heart frames
This pair of openwork cross-shaped gothic ear-stud earrings are formed
by heart shaped trefoils, made complete with purple Swarovski crystals
at in the centre.
Alchemy Gothic Wings Of Eternity Earrings Alchemy Gothic Get A Grip Hair Slide Alchemy Gothic Black Consort Wrist Strap
Alchemy Gothic Wings Of Eternity Earrings are stud style earrings with
Swarovski crystal drops hung from a detailed wing design.
A creepy-cute hair slide from Alchemy Gothic. The Get A Grip Hair Slide features a large skeletal human hand made from pewter. Striking leather, watch style, bracelet from Alchemy Gothic. This leather strap accessory is adorned with a large detailed pewter Raven skull.
Alchemy Gothic Serpent's Eye Hair Slide Alchemy Gothic Ravenrose Pendant Alchemy Gothic Night Sky Wrap Earring
A gorgeous hair slide from Alchemy Gothic. The Serpent's Eye Hair Slide features two pewter snakes encircling a large, central, deep red stone. This piece will fasten to your hair with a traditional slide grip.

The pendant is a classic Alchemy item featuring a beautiful gothic Raven flying with a jewelled rose in it's clutches. This gothic necklace is all black and hung from a simple black ribbon

Gorgeous Gothic wrap earring from Alchemy Gothic. This stunning black stud earring is made up of multiple black bats which are designed to wrap around your ear and a larger bat which sits at the top.

Alchemy Gothic Imitation Black Rose Bouquet Alchemy Gothic Light of Azrael Alchemy Gothic Asmodeus Pendant
Alchemy Gothic Asmodeus Pendant
Our Price: £29.99
Sale Price: £17.99
Gorgeous bouquet of black artificial roses from Alchemy Gothic. These five roses feature stems made from plastic with black fabric petals and green leaves this lovely bouquet is an deal way to decorate your Gothic home! A gorgeously Gothic piece of gift and home-ware perfect for any table, shelf and alternative home. This beautiful candle holder features a skeletal hand rising from a vine covered, golden, base and grasping a silver coloured torch sconce.

A striking piece of Alchemy Gothic jewellery. This intricate necklace features a large pewter skull with Swarovski elements hanging from a thick silver coloured chain.

Alchemy Gothic Ice Queen Necklace Alchemy Gothic Necarosome Earring Alchemy Gothic Necrogram Skull Ring

A gorgeous piece of Alchemy Gothic jewellery. This detailed necklace features a cluster of 4 pale blue Swarovski crystals encased in a pewter winged pendant.

Awesome, detailed, alternative earring from Alchemy. This stunning earring featuring a human skull and spinal cord design is made to wrap around your ear for maximum effect. A seriously large Skull ring, for those of you who like big statement jewellery. A chunky skull design with a pentagram engraved into the top. Made in England from polished pewter.
Alchemy Gothic Wings of Love Champagne Flute Alchemy Gothic Drakvlya Gem Necklace Alchemy Gothic The First Cut Necklace
This gorgeous champagne flute by Alchemy Gothic will do your fizz justice. With a simplistic but striking design this flute features metallic wings with an iridescent Swarovski element heart in the centre. A great gift idea, or a perfect treat for yourself! Another awesome Alchemy Gothic necklace, the Drakvlya Necklace is made from a beautiful polished pewter and shaped like a large bat. Stunning Rockabilly inspired necklace from Alchemy Gothic. This gorgeous necklace features a detailed cut throat razor which frames the central red heart of the design. A series of clear Swarovski crystals surround the eye catching heart adding an extra special touch to this Gothic piece.
Alchemy A fantastic range of alchemy jewellery at Kate's Clothing! We aim to bring you the latest designs for very competitive price. Everything what you see is in stock and ready to be missiled to you.

More amazing Alchemy Gothic designs to come!

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