Halloween Makeup Inspo!

by Rachel Norris
Halloween is every day for us goths, but we can still look forward to the big day, and get ready to flaunt our freaky stuff with some ghoulish makeup! We've been trawling Pinterest and Insta and looking for some super cool makeup looks for Halloween (and beyond...!) Enjoy!

COMPETITION! Win a pair of shoes from KC!

by Rachel Norris
It's competition time again at KC! And this time, we want you to shoe us what you've got with a hilarious shoe-related pun or joke! Go toe to toe against our other customers and you could be the sole winner of a fabulous pair of shoes of your choice!

KC's Style Focus: Corp Goth

by Rachel Norris
With the end of Summer drawing nigh, and (if you’re in the UK at least) the brief sunny weather already beginning to ebb, we’re looking ahead to September and the back to work (or school) season. To comfort us all about the fact that the season of holidays, festivals and goth summer wardrobes is almost at an end, we’re taking a little look at Corp Goth fashion, and picking out some awesome outfits to inspire you to keep that gothic wardrobe rolling all year round!

COMPETITION! Win a £100 Mystery Box!

by Rachel Norris

Win a Mystery Box worth £100 from Kate's Clothing!

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago we launched a range of Kate's Clothing Mystery Boxes - full of exciting, hand-picked goodies from our store - and whilst it's always a risk opting for a surprise like a mystery box, by and large our customers have been super pleased with their mystery boxes, receiving everything from shoes, accessories and clothing to home-ware, hair dye, bath bombs and makeup! We've decided to share the joy, and give one lucky winner the chance to win one of our Mystery Boxes...worth £100! Read on to find out how to enter.

Girls Who Slay: YOUR Top Inspirational Women!

by Rachel Norris

Girls Who Slay: YOUR Top Inspirational Women!

As part of our Girls Who Slay month at Kate’s Clothing, we decided to round off Slay Season with a run-down of some of our customers, readers, and fans’ choices for their favourite Girls Who Slay! As part of our recent competition, we asked YOU to tell us some of the women who inspire you...and here’s who you chose! Read on to find out who KC's followers and friends think are the top Women Who Slay!

Girls Who Slay: In Science!

by Rachel Norris

Girls Who Slay: 8 Inspirational Female Scientists!

As part of our Girls Who Slay season, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the incredible contributions which some amazing women have made in science - in history as well as today! Read on to see some of the most ground-breaking, convention smashing, and world changing women who slay in science!

Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

by Rachel Norris

Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

Summer is finally here! The sunny weather may be sporadic at best, but the days are getting longer and we’re starting to tentatively shift our wardrobes from spring over to summer styles, and (hopefully) spending a bit more time out of doors – whether you’re hill walking or hitting the beer gardens. We’re hoping this summer will be a fun-packed, feel-good summer for all – so here are some of our top style picks to slay in this summer!

Girls Who Slay: In Summer!

by Rachel Norris

Girls Who Are Slaying this Summer - for All the Right Reasons!

As part of our Girls Who Slay season, we’ve been thinking a lot about what summer means for women, and realised that a lot of focus is on looking good, being slim, and what to wear. Whilst we love clothing and fashion, we are getting a little bit tired of all this ‘summer body’ nonsense, and instead we’ve put together a list of women slaying in summer by doing some really fun and worthwhile things, to inspire you to go out there and enjoy life...rather than worrying about what you look like in a bikini!

Black Friday - Featuring Necessary Evil!

by Rachel Norris
Incredible goth youtuber and fashion and makeup hero Black Friday recently reviewed our new Necessary Evil range! Take a look at her video below to see some of our favourite pieces from the new collection (and one from last year's) on one of the coolest gothic ladies out there!

As Seen on Rockstars: Hellfest Style File!

by Rachel Norris
With Hellfest just around the corner, we're taking a look at some of the coolest, craziest, and most out-there looks sported by the bands - from Rob Zombie to Steel Panther! Take a look through at some of the best and boldest attire from five of the awesome bands playing Hellfest this year.


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