Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

by Megan Garry

Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

Summer is finally here! The sunny weather may be sporadic at best, but the days are getting longer and we’re starting to tentatively shift our wardrobes from spring over to summer styles, and (hopefully) spending a bit more time out of doors – whether you’re hill walking or hitting the beer gardens. We’re hoping this summer will be a fun-packed, feel-good summer for all – so here are some of our top style picks to slay in this summer!

Girls Who Slay: In Summer!

by Megan Garry

Girls Who Are Slaying this Summer - for All the Right Reasons!

As part of our Girls Who Slay season, we’ve been thinking a lot about what summer means for women, and realised that a lot of focus is on looking good, being slim, and what to wear. Whilst we love clothing and fashion, we are getting a little bit tired of all this ‘summer body’ nonsense, and instead we’ve put together a list of women slaying in summer by doing some really fun and worthwhile things, to inspire you to go out there and enjoy life...rather than worrying about what you look like in a bikini!

Black Friday - Featuring Necessary Evil!

by Megan Garry
Incredible goth youtuber and fashion and makeup hero Black Friday recently reviewed our new Necessary Evil range! Take a look at her video below to see some of our favourite pieces from the new collection (and one from last year's) on one of the coolest gothic ladies out there!

As Seen on Rockstars: Hellfest Style File!

by Megan Garry
With Hellfest just around the corner, we're taking a look at some of the coolest, craziest, and most out-there looks sported by the bands - from Rob Zombie to Steel Panther! Take a look through at some of the best and boldest attire from five of the awesome bands playing Hellfest this year.

Dark Romance: 7 Awesome Gothic Wedding Venues!

by Megan Garry

KC's List of 7 Awesome Gothic Wedding Venues

To celebrate the start of the wedding season, and in keeping with our theme of the month, 'Dark Romance' we've decided to compile a list of some of the coolest alternative wedding venues from around the UK for those of us who want to get married in spectacular gothic style! Whether you're looking for an intimate (Addams) family affair in a 600 year old crypt, or a full blown Hammer Horror extravaganza in a spooky mansion, keep reading for a run-down of our favourite wedding venue ideas for the gothically enclined.

Health Goth Style Focus - Kate's Clothing's Top Picks

by Megan Garry

Style Focus: Health Goth - KC's Top Style Picks

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may remember that we published an article on the rise of the 'Health Goth' fashion and lifestyle trend. Because Health Goth is going nowhere any time soon, and because here at Kate's clothing we absolutely love everything Health Goth - from the clothing style to its gritty and down to earth fitness ethos - we decided to post another piece on Health Goth style and keeping fit the alternative way!

KC Gets Ready for Hellfest 2017! 6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Festival Lineup

by Megan Garry

Hellfest 2017: How to Get the Most from a Festival Line-Up

Festival season is just around the corner, and if you're anything like us over at Kate's Clothing, you're already daydreaming about lineups, going over travel plans in your head and planning your outfits months in advance - we are so ready! In the meantime, we've decided to make a list of some handy tips for getting the most out of a festival lineup this summer, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the exciting leadup to the summer festival season!

KC counts down to M'era Luna 2017! 8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection

by Megan Garry
Photographer: Malte Schmidt 2016

8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection at M'era Luna

Here at Kate's Clothing we're getting super excited counting down to M'era Luna! Running from the 12-13th August, this festival held on Drispenstedt airfield in Hildesheim, Germany, not only offers an incredible lineup of bands year after year, but is also a huge gathering for the weirdest and most wonderful in the world of alternative fashion.
From steampunk to cybergoth, and just about every possible fashion subculture you can imagine, M'era Luna attracts thousands of pioneers of gothic and alternative fashion from all around the world, and we've been inspired to create a little list of tips for achieving gothic festival perfection - so whether you'll be attending M'era Luna or another awesome alternative festival this year (or channeling M'era Luna vibes from the comfort of your home) we've got you covered.

Moving Platforms - A Quick Round Up

by Kelly Sabrina
New Website Blog Image

So here we are!

Our shiny brand new site! We're so excited and so very grateful to you and our other lovely customers for sticking with us over all the upheaval. It's been eventful, but you guys have been so supportive.

Why did we move?

Nice, But Not For That Price!

by Kelly Sabrina
cheap alternative clothing

Why are some items so expensive?!

As you all know, we take your feedback very seriously here at KC HQ and after a lot of comments on our Facebook and other social channels, we have decided to write a little blog on pricing!
It is important to us that you guys understand how and why we price things and what makes KC different to other outlets when it comes to good value!


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