Don't Get Hexed! Know Your Rights When Shopping Online

by Megan Garry
Hexmas is on the way and many more of us are ditching the busy shopping centres and opting for online shopping to get all our gifts and Christmas treats, without the hassle of queuing and fighting over that last one on the shelf. Although online shopping has considerable advantages, you should always know what your rights are, so that you can make sure that companies are treating you right as a customer, and you're not losing out. Here at KC we take consumer rights and trading standards VERY seriously, but it's not always the case with every online shop - so read on for some tips and advice about the rules for online shops and your rights as a customer! Please note all the advice below applies to companies trading within the UK and the EU. Outside of the EU, different rules apply.

Liquid Latex or Scar Wax? We put it to the test!

by Gabby Pendrey

Liquid Latex or Scar Wax? We put it to the test!

Using Paint Glow's Fake Blood, Liquid Latex and Scar Wax...Do's and Dont's!

**Please be aware that this blog may contain images that some may find unpleasant, so this will require a trigger warning! If blood/cuts/gore isn't your thing, then please disregard this blog and indulge in one of our many others! **

Halloween is fast approaching and we need to look the part! Whether you've suffered a few wounds or you're going full blown ZOMBIE, we're going to try and help you out with what's best for you! We asked one of our KC crew members to test our these products and let us know her thoughts!

Gag-Worthy Chokers

by Megan Garry

Here at Kate's Clothing we are always trying to give you the best available gothwear, and with that in mind, chokers have returned in force. The classic go to necklace for any alternative outfit. With fresh products from brands such as Killstar, Banned & Gothic Attitude, we have a full range of Chokers suitable for any style.

Simple Essentials

Starting off just some of the range we stock, we have our essential, striped back to basics chokers such as Banned Gothic Morgan Choker & Gothic Attitude Faux Leather Heart Choker. The Morgan Choker can been worn with any outfit from formal to nights out, with a clean, simplistic elegance to it, it's a Choker for every occasion. Followed by the Gothic Attitude Faux Leather Heart Choker, that would give a playful kick to any outfit, with the sweet symbolism of the heart making the choker more of an accessory rather than statement piece.

New Brand: MetalliMonsters

by Megan Garry

Kate's Clothing is happy to announce that we have started offering products from the adorable brand MetalliMonsters. A brand known for its children's range of alternative clothing for newborn up to age 8.

MetalliMonsters first began in 2013, after new mum Carol (Owner) was disappointed when trying to find baby clothes for her Baby daughter Ariel. With experience in fashion design, Carol took it upon herself to start designing clothing for babies/children that had the edge the high street was missing. Following support from the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, MetalliMonsters officially launched. Starting with clothing for newborn to 2 years, Carol created a range of vests and dresses, producing them by herself. Then within the first year, the ranges expanded to age 4, along with additional seamstresses coming onboard.


by Megan Garry

Film critics infamously hate horror, so sometimes it’s best just to ignore their reviews, especially when it comes to anything scary, spooky or altogether ooky. Here are our Top 10 picks of horror movies that critics loathed but have become our much beloved cult classics.

10. Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Constantin Film

Okay, so videogame movies aren’t known for their inventive plots and dazzling cinematography but there was something about the 2002 ‘Resident Evil’ movie that captured audiences. So much so the series is the highest grossing film-series based on a videogame, having grossed over $1.233 billion worldwide.

9. Underworld


Screen Gems

Critics slammed 2003’s ‘Underworld’ for its Matrix-wannabe look and “fetishization of the vampire in contemporary pop culture” but audiences seemed to lap it (and its four sequels) up. There must just be something about an eloquently spoken, gun wielding, leather-clad Kate Blanchet, and killer, industrial soundtrack that keeps audiences coming back.

8. Final Destination

Final Destination

New Line Cinema

The ‘Final Destination’ franchise has spawned 5 films, a book series and a graphic novel, and is one of the biggest horror franchises in the world. Audiences praised it for its unique take on slasher-flicks, swapping out a knife wielding psychopath for the unseen forces of fate. Critics, however, didn’t think it was particularly inventive and critiqued its typical slasher deaths and cheesy dialogue.

7. House of 1000 Corpses

House of 1000 Corpses

Lions Gate Films

Rob Zombie’s first venture into filmmaking left critics reeling, it was panned for being “cheap scary image after cheap scary image” and full of “wasted opportunities”, but the movie was received well by horror buffs, just like Zombie, and it quickly became a cult classic. Countless items of merchandise and memorabilia are still in production even fifteen years after its release, and lead actors Sid Haig and Bill Mosely do numerous appearances at horror conventions across the globe each year.

6. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13

Paramount Pictures/ Warner Bros

Although now deemed a classic, ‘Friday the 13th’ was originally reviewed poorly by film critics, who deemed it cheap, exploitative and without any kind of subtext. They slammed the formulaic way the movie was structured but this formula meant it was easy to commercialise, making it one of the biggest running horror movie franchises in the world.

5. Saw


Lions Gate Films

2004’s ‘Saw’ received mixed reviews, though on a whole they were bad. It was slammed for its convoluted plot, Jigsaw actor, Elwes’ hyperbolic overacting and its excessive gore; spawning the derogative phrase ‘torture porn’. Audiences, however received it positively, praising its creativity on such a small budget and it now has amassed a huge fan following who stuck through it for a following seven movies.

4. The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project

Artisan Entertainment

Although movies like ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ had delved into the ‘found footage’ genre before, it’s widely believed ‘Blair Witch’ popularised it. Whilst many critics did praise the film, a lot considered it “overrated”, and thought it’s trade-mark ‘found footage’ shaky camera work was monotonous and one-note. Audiences, however, loved it and many films since have tried to emulate both its creepy atmosphere and documentary premise.

3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

20th Century Fox

‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ could be called a cult phenomenon, although released over forty years ago (with the stage show even older still) people still flood to watch productions dressed in Frank-n-Furter regalia. Funnily, however upon its release the film was deemed far too camp, with Newsweek calling it “tasteless, plotless and pointless.”

2. The Shining

The Shining

Warner Bros

Many horror fans LOVE ‘The Shining’, Jack Nicholson’s performance in particular is considered one of the greatest in the history of horror. But upon its release many critics, and THE Stephen King himself slammed the movie, in-a-nut-shell it was condemned for just ‘not being as good as the book’. Lead actress, Shelley Durvall was even nominated for the Razzie Award for Worst Actress, with King describing her as a “screaming dishrag.”

1. Psycho


Paramount Pictures/ Universal Pictures

Now we get to the last movie in this list: ‘Psycho.’ A film renowned for being… well… brilliant. It is considered not only one of Hitchcock’s best films, but one of the greatest movies of all time, with the US Library of Congress even deeming it so "culturally, historically, [and] aesthetically significant" that it was selected for preservation on their National Film Registry. However, at the time it was condemned by critics for its shocking, taboo content. It pushed the limits of 1960s censorship; seen as controversial not only because of its gruesome death scenes, insinuated homosexuality and crossdressing, but also for showing an unmarried couple together in the same bed, and it was even the first movie to show a flushing toilet.

Article written by guest blogger: Fennell

So what do you think? Is your favourite in our list?

WIN Two Tickets To The M'era Luna Festival!

by Megan Garry

WIN Two Tickets To The M'era Luna Festival!

Runner up prizes to be announced...

Exciting News! The official countdown to the M'era Luna Festival is here! This years date's are 11th - 12th August (2018), so make no plans! We're offering an awesome opportunity to win Two tickets to this daring festival. (BTW, this year the festival will feature THE PRODIGY)

Win a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Purple Haze Hair Dye!

by Megan Garry

Submit Your Purple Hair Pics for a Chance to Win 12 Bottles of Manic Panic Amplified in 'Purple Haze'!

We're absolutely loving purple hair right now, so we thought we'd offer all you purple haired beauties out there the chance to win a whole year's supply of one of our favourite ever purple shades, from one of our TOP hair dye brands - Manic Panic Amplified in 'Purple Haze'! Read on to find out more:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Royal Mail Deliveries Affected by Adverse Weather

by Megan Garry

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Royal Mail Deliveries Affected by Adverse Weather

Due to severe weather (lots of super Christmassy yet inconvenient snow in Birmingham!) some orders may experience delays as a Royal Mail and courier collection has been missed today (11-12-17) meaning that orders placed between 8th-11th December have not yet been collected for delivery.

We are looking into arranging an earlier collection for tomorrow, but as of yet we are not sure if this is possible yet. We are also not sure whether the usual collection tomorrow afternoon will take place as normal, so as yet we are unable to estimate how long the delay to delivery times will be.

We are working on getting all orders sent out as soon as possible and we will update all our customers as and when we have new information to give - please stay tuned to our Facebook page or check our blog for future updates tomorrow. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mailing [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can and do our best to keep you updated.

We apologise in advance if any inconvenience is caused by these delays - unfortunately this was beyond our control this time around...we haven't figured out how to control the weather just yet!

We thank all our customers for their patience and we hope to have all orders sent out as fast as possible! Stay safe if you're venturing out in the UK, and remember to wrap up warm!

INFO: Kate's Clothing Christmas Posting Dates 2017!

by Megan Garry

Our Last Postage Dates for Christmas Orders This Year!

It's great to be organised, but we all know that sometimes things get left to the last minute - so if you haven't placed all your orders for Christmas yet, there's still time! Here are all the final dates to place your orders to ensure that they arrive before Christmas:

UK Orders

Royal Mail Tracked Standard - Monday 18th December
Royal Mail Tracked 1st - Tuesday 19th December
Faster Courier Service - Wednesday 20th BEFORE 1PM
Royal Mail Special Delivery - Thursday 21st BEFORE 1PM
Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed - Friday 22nd BEFORE 1PM

International Orders

We advise that all international orders are placed on or before the 8th December to avoid disappointment since postal services can differ, customs delays can occur, and we cannot guarantee that orders placed after this date will arrive on time.

For customers in the Republic of Ireland, we recommend that all orders be placed on or before the 12th of December

Although shipping times differ to different parts of the world, we strongly advise that you place your orders well in advance of Christmas if you are outside the UK in case of delays with postal services to avoid disappointment. Also, don't forget we are extending our returns window for orders placed before Christmas right up until the 22nd of January so you can have some peace of mind while you shop!

We wish all our wonderful customers a very merry gothic holiday season, and may all your Hexmasses be as black as your soul...

COMPETITION! Win a Unicorn Bag from Irregular Choice Round 2!

by Megan Garry
Want to get your hands on this stunning King of the Castle Bag (worth 139.99!) from Irregular Choice?! All you need to do is head over to this page and answer the question! The winner will be picked at random on Friday 1st December, so get all your entries in before then - best of luck!

Terms & Conditions

  • One winner will be selected at random
  • You must complete the form to enter - e-mail entries are not being accepted in this competition
  • You must include complete all the fields including an e-mail address and your geographical location
  • If you do not enter a correct and valid e-mail address we will be unable to contact you to arrange sending your prize!
  • If we select you and we can't get in touch we may have to select another winner. The winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via e-mail before 5pm on Friday 01-12-17 so make sure to check your junk or spam e-mail folder and have a look at our Facebook page to check if you have won.


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