WIN Two Tickets To The M'era Luna Festival!

by Gabby Pendrey

WIN Two Tickets To The M'era Luna Festival!

We're giving away TWO tickets for you and a friend!

Exciting News! It is now only a matter of months before this years M'era Luna festival! This year's dates are the 10th - 11th August (2019), you can't miss this! We're giving you the chance to win Two tickets to this killer event!

Safe Rescue For Black Dogs

by Gabby Pendrey

With the increase in animal photos on social media, it has caused people looking to adopt animals to want more colourful & lighter pets, leaving the darker pets left behind. This trend has happened across all pets, with cats & dogs being the worst at having all the dark/ black animals left behind, or longest to adopt.

To combat this, here's a shout out to Safe Rescue for Dogs. A charity with the belief that all dogs are equal and all equally deserve the good things in life. With a range of dark/black dogs ready for adoption, just waiting for their forever home.

Here's a few of the adorable dogs available for adoption and their stories, written by 'Safe Rescue Dogs Needing Homes'.


Bonnie is a four-year-old medium sized crossbreed. Bonnie was originally adopted from us three years ago but has recently been returned. Bonnie is a very happy, confident and energetic girl who really needs some basic training. She has a lovely character and a sweet nature but just lacks the basic good dog manners that would be expected in a dog of her age. She is strong on a lead but good off lead and really needs a home that enjoys walking because half an hour around the block is definitely not going to cut it for her. Bonnie is house trained and travels well in a car. She mixes well with other dogs and can happily muck in and play with even the most boisterous dogs in her foster home. Bonnie loves children but can be a bit exuberant for really young kids or those lacking in confidence around dogs.


Baloo is a 6-year-old medium sized black labrador cross. Baloo was rescued from a shelter in Romania and brought to the UK by another rescue. After a few weeks with them they felt they couldn't give him the socialisation he needed to progress him enough to be fit for adoption so asked us if we would help. As this is the kind of dog we love to take on of course we agreed. Baloo is a dear boy with a sensitive nature. He bonded with me very quickly and the key to him gaining confidence lay in his walks. Initially, he didn't want to go and jumped at every sound but now he follows me around the house until I take him and once out he has the time of his life. It's so wonderful to see the uptight dog that he can be at home relax into the playful, tail wagging chap he is when he's running the fields or the beach. He is still quite quiet at home and extremely calm and well behaved. On walks, he comes into his own and has a lovely time running and playing with his pals. Ideally, Baloo would find a home with one or two other confident dogs as he really does enjoy canine companionship. This quiet and thoughtful boy so needs someone who understands that life is still scary for him sometimes. He needs someone that can give him the one to one time that he cannot have here so that that the human contact is more regular throughout the day. He is still wary of my approach but once I have hold of him he enjoys a fuss and will sit on the sofa with me. I would dearly love to see this boy given the time and patience he needs to blossom into the dog that I see within him.

Win a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Purple Haze Hair Dye!

by Megan Garry

Submit Your Purple Hair Pics for a Chance to Win 12 Bottles of Manic Panic Amplified in 'Purple Haze'!

We're absolutely loving purple hair right now, so we thought we'd offer all you purple haired beauties out there the chance to win a whole year's supply of one of our favourite ever purple shades, from one of our TOP hair dye brands - Manic Panic Amplified in 'Purple Haze'! Read on to find out more:

COMPETITION! Win a Unicorn Bag from Irregular Choice Round 2!

by Megan Garry
Want to get your hands on this stunning King of the Castle Bag (worth 139.99!) from Irregular Choice?! All you need to do is head over to this page and answer the question! The winner will be picked at random on Friday 1st December, so get all your entries in before then - best of luck!

Terms & Conditions

  • One winner will be selected at random
  • You must complete the form to enter - e-mail entries are not being accepted in this competition
  • You must include complete all the fields including an e-mail address and your geographical location
  • If you do not enter a correct and valid e-mail address we will be unable to contact you to arrange sending your prize!
  • If we select you and we can't get in touch we may have to select another winner. The winner will be announced on Facebook and contacted via e-mail before 5pm on Friday 01-12-17 so make sure to check your junk or spam e-mail folder and have a look at our Facebook page to check if you have won.

Get Xmas Sorted Early with KC's ORGANIZED FRIDAY Sale!

by Megan Garry

Organized Friday Sale - 25% OFF Store Wide!

Looking to grab some incredible bargains in the lead up to Christmas and get some of those gifts (and treats for yourself) at a steal? Don't jump on the bandwagon and wait for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales...get organised and get your shopping done in our HUGE sitewide sale: THIS FRIDAY - 25% off EVERYTHING at Kate's Clothing with the code SMUG25! Read on to find out what Organized Friday is all about!

Your Top 10: Horror Characters!

by Megan Garry

Your Top 10 Super Scary Horror Characters!

You may have noticed we recently ran a competition where we asked you guys to name your favourite horror character, or the one who truly gives you the heeby jeebies, so we've decided to compile a fun little top 10 list based on your responses. Enjoy!

Girls Who Slay: In Science!

by Megan Garry

Girls Who Slay: 8 Inspirational Female Scientists!

As part of our Girls Who Slay season, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the incredible contributions which some amazing women have made in science - in history as well as today! Read on to see some of the most ground-breaking, convention smashing, and world changing women who slay in science!

Health Goth Style Focus - Kate's Clothing's Top Picks

by Megan Garry

Style Focus: Health Goth - KC's Top Style Picks

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may remember that we published an article on the rise of the 'Health Goth' fashion and lifestyle trend. Because Health Goth is going nowhere any time soon, and because here at Kate's clothing we absolutely love everything Health Goth - from the clothing style to its gritty and down to earth fitness ethos - we decided to post another piece on Health Goth style and keeping fit the alternative way!

KC Gets Ready for Hellfest 2017! 6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Festival Lineup

by Megan Garry

Hellfest 2017: How to Get the Most from a Festival Line-Up

Festival season is just around the corner, and if you're anything like us over at Kate's Clothing, you're already daydreaming about lineups, going over travel plans in your head and planning your outfits months in advance - we are so ready! In the meantime, we've decided to make a list of some handy tips for getting the most out of a festival lineup this summer, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the exciting leadup to the summer festival season!

KC counts down to M'era Luna 2017! 8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection

by Megan Garry
Photographer: Malte Schmidt 2016

8 Tips for Gothic Festival Perfection at M'era Luna

Here at Kate's Clothing we're getting super excited counting down to M'era Luna! Running from the 12-13th August, this festival held on Drispenstedt airfield in Hildesheim, Germany, not only offers an incredible lineup of bands year after year, but is also a huge gathering for the weirdest and most wonderful in the world of alternative fashion.
From steampunk to cybergoth, and just about every possible fashion subculture you can imagine, M'era Luna attracts thousands of pioneers of gothic and alternative fashion from all around the world, and we've been inspired to create a little list of tips for achieving gothic festival perfection - so whether you'll be attending M'era Luna or another awesome alternative festival this year (or channeling M'era Luna vibes from the comfort of your home) we've got you covered.


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