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UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS: Please think carefully before ordering; all our prices are in GBP which is roughly 1.3 times the value of the $ (USD) so they may be 30% more expensive than you think. Shipping costs are high and non-refundable. Also UK shoe and clothings sizes are NOT the same as US ones.

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED KINGDOM : In addition to our standard terms and conditions and our delivery and returns policy, customers outside the United Kingdom (Great Britain) should be aware of the following:
All our prices are in POUNDS STERLING (GBP).
This is not the same as US Dollars or any other currency.
For an approximate exchange rate please use the currency converter below.
You will pay the equivalent amount of the GBP price in your local currency. Your credit card issuer will make the conversion automatically for you. For details of the exchange rate used or of any additional fees you may be charged please contact your credit card company. Universal Currency Converter ®
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