Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

by Megan Garry

Girls Who Slay: KC’s Top 10 Slay Summer Style Picks!

Summer is finally here! The sunny weather may be sporadic at best, but the days are getting longer and we’re starting to tentatively shift our wardrobes from spring over to summer styles, and (hopefully) spending a bit more time out of doors – whether you’re hill walking or hitting the beer gardens. We’re hoping this summer will be a fun-packed, feel-good summer for all – so here are some of our top style picks to slay in this summer!

1. The Aphrodite Skirt

This gorgeous layered mesh skirt from the new Necessary Evil collection has been a massive hit already, and for good reason! Not only is this skirt flattering and floaty enough to make you feel like an absolute goddess, it’s also super comfy and easy to wear. This stretchy mesh skirt comes with a pair of soft cotton short-shorts to go underneath (although you could also layer the skirt over leggings for a more covered-up look) and is so lightweight and airy it is just the perfect skirt for summer weather. City breaks, hitting the beach, garden parties, summer nights out – this skirt has got you covered. Well, apart from those lovely legs of yours!

2. Alternative Swimwear

Let’s forget about the whole ‘summer bikini body’ thing for a moment, and remember what swimwear is actually about. Swimming. Or, sunbathing. But mainly swimming. If you’re trying to stay healthy or get into shape (and if so we hope you’re doing it for yourself, not for anyone else) swimming is a great option, because unlike running it’s a lot easier on your joints whilst still being really good at burning calories and toning you up. So while you’re hitting the pool – or, if you’ve been inspired by our last blog article, heading outdoors for some wild swimming, you can do so in style with our range of alternative swimwear. We have some great bikini sets from Rat Baby, or if mermaids or watermelon prints are more your thing, check out Kawaii Angel’s range. We also have a couple of lovely one-pieces in, from Spiral and Spin Doctor.

3. Leggings for Everyday Slay

For everyday, comfortable, practical wear, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of leggings. Wear them at the gym, the supermarket, or hitting the bars – it’s how you dress them that makes all the difference. In summer, being comfortable and able to move freely is key to your slay game, and leggings will give you that whilst still looking goth-fabulous. Spin Doctor are seriously slaying with their awesome range of macabre, mermaid, and witchy designs. We especially love their Renaissance leggings, and the brand new Neptune leggings for those dark mermaid vibes.

4. Dresses You Can Really Slay In

Let’s be honest – sometimes dresses can look amazing, but when you actually put them on, all they do is restrict your movement, pinch and poke you in all the wrong places, and ultimately leave you feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. And it’s hard to bring your slay game when you’re not feeling confident and comfy! This summer, why not leave the super showy dresses to one side, and go for something that you can really be yourself in. Remember, the right shoes and accessories – plus a bit of hair and makeup magic – can make a huge difference to your look, so if you’ve got a big night out planned, you can still look witchin’ and hot as hell whilst being comfortable enough to dance, and not likely to melt in the heat of a summer evening. We love the new Vixxsin Renita dress, which looks absolutely stunning with a pair of heels, as well as with flats for the daytime, and has plenty of gorgeous details whilst still being stretchy and comfy.

A swing or skater style dress is also a great option for keeping cool and comfy with the longer days and more time spent walking around. The new Phase dress from Disturbia looks stunning dressed up or down, whilst the soft fabric and airy skater-style skirt with sheer panels keep it summer friendly.

For those of you who are more inclined toward vintage and rockabilly styles, check out Hell Bunny and Collectif’s range of swing dresses in summery colours and prints, with plus size options available. Our personal favourites? The Drink Me dress from Hell Bunny, or if you’re feeling especially fruity, the Jade watermelon dress from Collectif. Summer is the perfect time to rock those quirky prints that you love, but might not feel bold enough to wear – clothes are about how they make you feel on the inside, as well as look on the outside, so don’t be a wallflower this summer, go out and rock that awesome print with confidence!

5. Slay Tees that Are So You

Sometimes when you’re hot, and busy, and on-the-go, all you want to do is throw on a t-shirt and your comfiest jeans and get on with it. But casual tees can be fun, and don’t have to take away from your personal style and personality. We love Rat Baby’s awesome sporty health goth tees and vest tops, and Akumu Ink have some awesome gothic and quirky printed tees in relaxed fits that will make you feel great whatever the weather. We are also loving Darkside’s new range of sassy slogan tees!

6. Footwear that Slays…but Won’t Kill Your Feet!

Getting out and about more is one of the best things about summer (that, and having an excuse to day-drink and eat ice-cream every day) so sensible footwear is a must. Plus, we often end up venturing outside the city – to festivals, beaches, parks etc. – and that means you need shoes that can tackle uneven ground. We have some awesome flat and low-heeled styles from Iron Fist’s new summer collection, like these mermaid-fabulous Mother of Pearls sandals! We also stock loads of great T.U.K. flats, which are just insanely comfy, and we have some awesome summery sandals from Demonia which will add some serious summer slay to your gothic footwear collection!

7. Rainy Day Slay

As those of us who live in the UK know…even though summer is finally here, the weather doesn’t always get the memo. Whether you’re festivaling, out on a camping trip, or just don’t want to get caught out in one of those unexpected summer thunderstorms, a waterproof jacket is an all-year-round essential – but it can be hard to find flattering, stylish designs that you’ll actually want to wear. Our new range of rain macs from Elements will change that – these gorgeous waterproof jackets and coats have been inspired by classic, vintage rain mac designs, and they will look just as beautiful as the rest of your outfit, plus the semi-sheer PVC fabric means you can still flaunt your summery dress underneath!

8. The Aphrodite Kimono

For those of us who are allergic to sunshine (a pretty common issue for goths) and for those of us who like to get summery without flaunting all the skin, the Aphrodite Kimono (another hit piece from the new Necessary Evil collection) is a must have. This floaty, sheer kimono is crazy flattering, and is also great for helping to keep the sun off your shoulders, as well as giving outfit a bit of shape and drape, especially if you’re wearing something figure-hugging and want to add some more dimension to your look. It can be hard to find lightweight, summery styles in black, gothic designs, but this awesome kimono looks gorgeously witchy and classic at the same time, and comes with a spiked belt for that little extra bit of edge.

9. Accessories that Slay, and Won’t Get in the Way!

Summer can be a really busy time for many of us – with work, travelling, festivals, socialising, and more fun events popping up seemingly every day. Plus, there’s more to carry around, like sun-screen, a bottle of water, a pair of sunglasses, all on top of your everyday essentials. Plus, as we start shedding those big winter coats, there’s going to be less pocket space, and we’ll be relying more on bags to hold it all together. The new Diet Culture bag from Disturbia is one of our favourite pieces from their summer collection, and is pretty practical too, with internal pockets and a decent amount of space for all your essentials. We also love the Banned Ermira coffin bag, which has detachable straps so you can wear it as a backpack, or carry it like a handbag, and we are getting serious nostalgia feels for the new Kawaii Angel iridescent bum bag! Necessary Evil has long been a lifesaver to those of us who never have pocket space, with their awesome range of pocket belts, which not only act as storage space, but also make you feel like a bad-ass (we’re talking Lara Croft and Tank Girl thigh holster level slay!) Practical accessories are definitely the way forward!

10. The Sudice Bralet

Another piece from the new Necessary Collection that is sure to up your slay game this summer is the Sudice bralet! This awesome cropped, long-line bralet looks super gothic and sexy on, and because it’s so adjustable, looks great on a whole range of body types. Paired with a maxi-skirt or high-waisted jeans or shorts, this top makes a seriously slay summer look effortless, and it also looks great underneath a sheer mesh top. This is one of those rare but wonderful clothing items that looks far too good to be comfortable and practical…but it actually is! The sturdy fabric and adjustable straps make this top a winner for those of you who like to get out and about this summer, as it’s not going to tear or go shapeless if you move around a lot in it, and the lacing on the chest means that you can adjust the amount of, ahem, ‘décolletage’ on show to cater for different occasions (and your mood, of course.) All-in-all, this is a must have summer wardrobe item for girls who slay!

We hope this list has given you some style inspo, and we hope we've given you some ideas on how to do summer style right, and still slay at life. Your style should go hand-in-hand with your lifestyle, and work for you, to make you feel great, not hold you back from doing all the fun things that you enjoy! Go out there and have an awesome summer, set your worries aside, be bold, try new things, and you're well on your way to a slay summer - you deserve it for slaying at life all autumn, winter, and spring! Let's go slay, girls!



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