Halloween Makeup Inspo!

by Megan Garry
Halloween is every day for us goths, but we can still look forward to the big day, and get ready to flaunt our freaky stuff with some ghoulish makeup! We've been trawling Pinterest and Insta and looking for some super cool makeup looks for Halloween (and beyond...!) Enjoy!

This Subtle Red and Black Look

We would happily rock this look ANY day of the year...but it's also pretty great for Halloween as it's relatively easy to achieve and can work with a range of different costumes (Vampire, witch, Morticia Addams, devil...etc.) plus it's worth learning just so you can keep wearing it beyond Halloween for a sultry party look! Add copious fake blood, fangs, a horn headdress, a dramatic cape and so on for a more extreme look.

Tips: High pigment powder eyeshadows will work best on the eyes to get that dramatic smoky look with a pop of colour. Concrete Minerals have some gorgeous shades and are perfect for intense colours and blendable smokiness! You could even swap out the central colour of the eyes and the lipstick shade to create a different look! To get the crisp black line on the lips, use a felt tipped liquid eyeliner and line just outside the natural line of your lips. Use a black lipstick or a dark red shade and a brighter one, and blend with the darker colour on the outer corners.

This Fortune Teller with a Third Eye

This look is an awesome take on the often used fortune teller costume, and adds a third eye on the forehead for a weirder and more out there look. We also love the mystical purple smoky eyeshadow with silver sparkles!

Tips: use either a white eyeliner pencil, or a white foundation like this one from Manic Panic applied with a small brush to create the white of the the third eye. Apply eyeshadow to match your real eyes, and use black eyeliner to mimic the outside of the eye and the eyelashes. Stick a false eyelash on to give a more realistic 3D effect! For the sparkly dots use a metallic liquid eyeliner in silver or gold.

This Serpent Inspired Eye Makeup

This eye makeup is perfect for a Medusa costume, and is a lot easier than it looks! It could also be adapted for a mermaid look with a different colour palette and some added glitter!

Tips: for the scale effect look, use a bit of fishnet fabric (ideally one you don't really need) such as a bit off an old pair of tights, and once you've applied the base colour, dab a contrasting colour over the top of the net, acting like a stencil! It may help to use a cream shadow, or to wet your brush slightly to avoid powder falling over your face as you do this. We think this look would be extra amazing with a light metallic eyeshadow shade for the scales, or even black and silver! Add a snake-like contact lens for added impact. Check out our range here.

This Incredible Beetlejuice Look

This Beetlejuice look is super cool, still looking feminine whilst definitely nailing the character's look. Works even better if you have green hair already!

Tips: blank out your lips with either your usual foundation or a super white shade, and use various green and grey shades of eyeshadow for that mouldering undead look. Then, a dark purple eyeshadow applied all around the eyes, blend it out at the edges, and that's pretty much it! Apply black eyeliner for a more feminine look.

This Demonic Black Fade Makeup

We love this demonic/witchy look, with a dramatic black faded look over the forehead and eyes, and some simple line details. Super easy to achieve (you pretty much just need some black eyeshadow or face paint and a bit of eyeliner!) yet very creepy and striking.

Tips: use either a black powder eyeshadow, and apply with a large brush, building up the coverage, or a cream eyeshadow using a blending sponge, or you could use black cream facepaint. Building up the colour may require a bit of time and patience, but no massive technical skill is required! Line your eyes with black liquid liner and use a black pencil on the waterline. If you have light eyelashes you may want to use some black mascara too. Then add some lines using some black and white eyeliners (liquid is best for a more defined look). You could also add some arcane symbols too for an extra witchy look! Some bright, or white colour contacts will make this look even more dramatic.

This Creative Victorian Vampire Look

We love the way that the makeup artist has used eyeliner to create the effect of lace on the forehead and neck...that means less time and effort going into costume and accessories by letting the makeup do the work! Plus, the bloodstained lips and red streaked eyes are super creepy and not your typical, pretty vampire look.

Tips: use a grayish or taupe eyeshadow to do a harsh contour on your cheeks for that hollowed out look. For the red streaks, you could use a red liquid eyeliner, or a pencil one (as long as its sharpened well), or alternatively a red liquid lipstick applied with a thin eyeliner brush. You could use face blood on the lips, or just use a red liquid lipstick and apply to look like a blood stain or drip. For the lace, use a black liquid liner with a fine tip, or use a thin eyeliner brush - look up some lace patterns on Google as a reference!

This Terrifying 'It' Inspired Look

Probably one of the scariest films of the year, and ultimate creepy clown Pennywise has been popping up in loads of our customer's competition entries as the horror character who scares them the most! This makeup look just gets it so right...with everything from the balloon details, to the body art clown costume. This is a pretty challenging look, but it will definitely have the desired effect of giving people the serious heeby jeebies!

Tips: Use a white foundation (blend it with your usual foundation for a more subtle look) and apply over the whole face, including over your eyebrows, and use a white or colourless setting powder. For the red lips and nose, and for the red balloons, a red liquid lipstick should work well: use a slim lipstick brush to apply. On the nose, go over this with red eyeshadow for more blended out edges. A simple black smoky eye will do for the eyes, although added contact lenses will add that extra horror factor. For those creepy front teeth, you could use stick on vampire fangs, but place them on your front two teeth, but an easier option is to draw them on to your bottom lip: first draw them on with white eyeliner, then fill in the black space around them with a black liquid lipstick or an eyeliner pen. Add an orange wig, or use coloured hair spray as a finishing touch.

We hope you've enjoyed this little list of Halloween makeup inspo! Let us know in the comments which look was your favourite, or what you'll be trying out this year! If you want to see more of what's been inspiring us, check out our Pinterest!

(All the images and their sources can be found via our Pinterest)


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