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by Megan Garry

Style Focus: Health Goth - KC's Top Style Picks

If you've been following our blog for a while, you may remember that we published an article on the rise of the 'Health Goth' fashion and lifestyle trend. Because Health Goth is going nowhere any time soon, and because here at Kate's clothing we absolutely love everything Health Goth - from the clothing style to its gritty and down to earth fitness ethos - we decided to post another piece on Health Goth style and keeping fit the alternative way!

Health Goth, like so many other alternative fashion subcultures, is about more than just wearing a particular style of clothing: its a lifestyle, a culture and comes with its own manifesto about eating clean, working out, and doing so for the right reasons - i.e. not to fit in with the crowd, or to impress others. As Health Goth ambassador Caitlin Marie Cunningham says:

"Healthgoth for us IS NOT A TREND! It’s not high fashion, skinny photo shopped models wearing sports gear, runway attire, tumblr pictures of pretty boys and girls wearing black & white branded gear. No. I personally do appreciate and admire and love the imagery/art of all of the above, but NO! This isn’t the core of Healthgoth. Think about the satanic bible for a second!? It talks about creating your own destiny, being your own God—pretty much taking control of your life. That’s healthgoth. At the end of the day you get one body & one shot at living. Taking care of oneself is key. Staying healthy, keeping in shape while being true to yourself is HEALTHGOTH."

Beyond the dark colours, alternative twists on classic sports brands and logos, and the clean-cut lines and futuristic, dystopian influences, there are some inherently gothic and alternative ideals at play. For example, if you read the Health Goth Bible on, you will see that their blunt, no-nonsense approach to exercise is one routed in an alternative subculture worldview:

From the Health Goth Bible.

Health Goths at the gym aren't there to show off, or to stare at themselves in the mirror, and there are no half measures for them when it comes to exercise - they push themselves to the limit, and pay attention to details. These ideas are deeply ingrained in goth culture: it's not about appealing to the mainstream: its about individualism, held together within a larger culture of people who share a similar outlook, and it's about pushing boundaries and challenging the norm.

However, as much as Health Goth has attracted a huge following as a way of life, it is impossible to ignore its strong, modern aesthetic, and how as a style of clothing it has seeped into the market both through alternative fashion brands and right down to the high street. If you're unfamiliar with the health goth trend, you have still very likely seen it in action: perhaps in your news feed, on the street, or of course at the gym. Health goth, like other gothic fashion offshoots, is not just gothic clothing which is geared toward health-conscious gymgoers, nor is it fitness clothing geared toward goths - it is its own particular blend of gothic deadpan humour and depressiveness, a monochrome palette, clean modern designs and a tendency toward the apocalyptic, as well as playing on the preppy, brand-obsessed 'sport-luxe' trend that made sportwear brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma move beyond being simply high-end sports brands to become luxury fashion labels.

We here at Kate's Clothing appreciate Health Goth both as a lifestyle, and as a visually stunning and interesting fashion subculture, which is why we have included a Health Goth style category on our website. Here are a few of our favourite Health Goth picks from our website, from great brands such as Rat Baby, Necessary Evil, Disturbia, The Ragged Priest and more!

Necessary Evil:

Necessary Evil's Mars hoodies (available in men's and ladies' sizes) work very well with a Health Goth look. The soft, lightweight jersey material in a minimalist gothic cut adds that sporty yet dark dimension which Health Goth fashion is known for.

Mars Hoody - Women's
Mars Hoody - Men's

The Saturn ninja hoody and trousers from Necessary Evil are also great Health Goth picks, channeling that video-game influenced, tailored slouch look.

Saturn Ninja Trousers
Saturn Ninja Hoody


These platform trainers from demonia are great for a Health Goth inspired look, as the sporty trainer combined with the chunky platform adds a bit of gothic edge alongside a classic trainer inspired design.

Demonia Gothic Stomp Trainers

House of Priory

This vest top and shorts from House of Priory give off that understated, monochrome look which Health Goth fashion is famous for, and are comfortable and practical enough to wear both on the street and at the gym.

House of Priory Inverted Cross Vest
House of Priory Campus Shorts

Rat Baby

Rat baby have some great Health Goth inspired items - from leggings and slouchy tees to sporty bikini sets. The 'Just Die' varsity tee is a great gothic spin on the classic Nike logo and slogan, while the pentagram leggings are both sporty and traditionally gothic in design. The tempest bikini would make an amazing health goth outfit paired with an oversize hoody and leggings or sweatpants.

Just Die Varsity T-Shirt
Pentagram Leggings
Tempest Bikini

The Ragged Priest

This awesome alternative brand offer some great gothic sportswear and casual items. The Aggression hoody is chunky and oversided, and features a grey panel on the hood which reads 'pent up' - perfect for getting all your anger out as you stride toward the gym! The long sleeved Brutal tee looks like classic sportwear, but with a little more punch.
Aggression Hoody
Brutal Tee

Devil Fashion

Devil Fashion's pared back gothalyptic items would work well with a Health Goth look - the Crowe net top is a classic gothic staple, but paired with a sporty crop top underneath and some gothic leggings or sweatpants this top makes the perfect combination of gothic, dystopian fashion and sporty activewear. The obsidian top is full of gothic detail in the form of faux-leather paneling and keyhole neckline. The futuristic shape of this top and the soft, stretchy 100% cotton material give off a definite Health Goth vibe.

Crowe Net Top
Obsidian Top

Gothic Attitude

This slashed long sleeve bodysuit from Gothic Attitude would made a great Health Goth twist on the classic 80s workout staple of the leotard. This would look great paired with baggy sweatpants or shorts, or on its own for the most gothic pilates outfit you've ever seen!

Slashed Long Sleeve Bodysuit


The Pris crop top from Disturbia is an awesome gothic activewear item - in a monochrome design with mesh detail, this stretch-polyester crop vest is great for the gym or for a gothic sport-luxe streetwear look. The Weekend Nihilist slouch tee is sporty, comfortable, and edgy - a great choice for the gym or everyday casualwear with a Health Goth twist, and the Worldwide Doom hoody with its exaggerated long sleeves and bold black and white print is a great statement Health Goth inspired item.

Pris Crop Top
Weekend Nihilist T-Shirt
Worldwide Doom Hoody

Whether or not Health Goth is a trend for you (and it has been a very divisive fashion trend!) we can all agree that staying active, challenging yourself and staying true to your principles are all pretty good goals to have in life. So this year if you're thinking about hitting the gym, going on that run, or taking up that yoga class, we hope we've inspired you with some ideas for how the two worlds of goth and activewear can collide to create some unique, and pretty badass looks!

For more information about Health Goth visit the website and Facebook page here:

Health Goth Website
Health Goth Facebook Page

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