KC's Top 10: Independent & International Horror Films You Might've Missed!

by Megan Garry

KC's Top 10 Independent & Internatonal Horror Films You Might've Missed

Halloween is well and truly on the horizon now with just a couple of weeks to go! So whilst we're all feeling extra spooky, we're giving you our top 10 indie & international horror films that might've flown under your radar, to give you some inspo for what to watch on these chilly October evenings - that you haven't already watched to death!

1. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

If you love all things vampire related, but have exhausted all the mainstream blockbuster movies, this incredible film is described by director Ana Lily Amirpour as an "Iranian Vampire Spaghetti Western". Gritty, underworld elements combine with supernatural vampire tropes in this highly original and suspenseful film. Not one for children, but great if you want a truly dark and creepy film with more depth than your average Hollywood slasher film!

2. Housebound

A slightly lighter choice, if you want something that's definely creepy but also has plenty of humour to it! In this New Zealand comedy horror film, a young offender is sentenced to house arrest - in a house that seems to be haunted! This film is full of twists and turns, is truly unpredictable, has some frights and plenty of laughs, and a really funny and fresh family dynamic. Well worth a watch!

3. We Are Still Here

This claustrophobic and frightening film tells the story of a grieving couple who become the victims of vengeful spirits when they move into an old house in a small New England Town in the hopes of starting a new life away from the painful memories of the loss of their child. Whilst the plot may sound all too familiar, this independent film is refreshing, featuring fewer gimmicks and overblown special effects that most blockbuster films these days - the result is a realistic, genuinely scary film with a very interesting back story, and characters who are far more relatable than in the vast majority of horror films.

4. V/H/S

This terrifying indie horror film takes the concept of "found footage" to a whole new level. A wild and terrifying ride through an anthology of short horror films, all by different directors, all linked together into one long narrative, this film is guaranteed to scare!

5. The Lure

In this Polish fantasy horror musical, director Agnieszka Smoczyńska used her own coming of age experiences as inspiration for this modern reworking of the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale 'The Little Mermaid'. Two sisters - who are also mermaids - are hired by a nightclub as singers and entertainers. Whilst one falls in love and gives up her legs in the hopes of living a normal human life, the other is a party girl who loves nothing more than drinking, dancing and feasting on human flesh. Not what you'd expect from a musical about mermaids - but an awesome eerie and gruesome watch.

6. WolfCop

Think of what you'd get if you splice a comedy, a cop show, and werewolf B-movie and that's what you get with WolfCop! In this Canadian indie comedy-horror, a drunken small town cop is struck with a werewolf curse, but retains his human intelligence even when he transforms. Using his newfound werewolf strength he continues to fight crimes and save the day! Full of silliness, occult rituals, dark humour, and blood guts and gore. Get the popcorn and invite your friends over for a movie night with this treat! And if you can't get enough, there's a sequel too!

7. It Follows

In this creepy and suspenseful film, 19 year old Jay falls victim to an unknown creature who stalks her every move after a one night stand passes on the curse. She discovers that the only way to stop the creature from killing her, and everyone who had the curse before her, is to pass it on to someone else. She and her friends attempt to outsmart this unknown force and break the chain. Some great characters and performances from the cast as well as the creative premise make this a must-watch!

8. Oldboy

More a thriller than a horror film in the strictest sense, this Korean cult film is nonetheless well worth watching if you like all things creepy with plenty of psychological horror, gore and a truly chilling plot twist ending. This film revolves around the strange story of a man who is imprisoned in a room for 15 years with no explanation or any idea who is behind his capture, and his subsequent quest for answers and revenge.

9. What We Do In The Shadows

This indie comedy-horror mockumentary - starring co-written & co-directed by Jemaine Clement of 'Flight of the Concords' fame - has gained somewhat of a cult following, but if you haven't seen it yet you should definitely do so! Following four vampires living in a flat-share in Wellington, and struggling to adapt to 21st century life, this hilarious film plays on many typical horror cliches and tropes and is packed with dry humour.

10. The Witch

This indie horror film, set in 17th Century America, follows a Puritan family who, after being banished from the plantation they worked on, move to the wilderness and build a farm on the edge of the woods, where they unwittingly disturb a coven of witches who steal their newly born child and torment them with a series of disturbing happenings. The creepy atmosphere of the secluded forest setting, the stunning costumes and cinematography and the period setting and aesthetic make this film a must-see!

We hope you've enjoyed our list and we've given you some inspiration on what to watch on these chilly October evenings leading up to Halloween! Get your friends or family round, or just make a date with your duvet, and have a mini movie marathon on these underrated horror treats! If you've seen a really awesome indie or international horror film that you think should've made the list, tell us in the comments!


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