KC's Top Tips: Making the Most of a Sale Section!

by Megan Garry
Everyone loves a bargain, and we at KC like to offer you gothic style steals all year round through our clearance section! Sometimes, we just need to make some extra space for brand new, shiny and exciting things, so that’s when we start dropping prices and offering you some really amazing deals, so that we can help you to help us out! If you’re as hawk-eyed as we are over a bargain, you may have noticed that we have just added LOADS of new stuff to our sale section…so here are a few tips to help you get the most out of a sale section and start racking up those savings!

1. Use filters

Browsing is great, but sometimes it helps to be specific. Shopping by size is probably the most important factor, as often in a sale section quite a few sizes might be sold out here and there, so with that filter applied you know that all the products your seeing are relevant to you, and helps avoid disappointment when you click on something you’ve fallen in love with and find there’s none left in your size! You can also use filters such as colour, price range, brand, and type of item, if you’re looking for something specific and seeing if you can grab it at a steal. You can also sort by price from low to high, by bestselling and popular items, and by what’s new. All this helps to save you from trawling through pages, getting tired eyes, and missing out on awesome savings!

2. Think ahead

Okay, so it’s summer now…but don’t rule out that incredible cardigan or pair of boots just because you won’t be able to wear it right away! You’ll be thanking yourself a couple of months down the line if you snag yourself some Autumn/Winter goodies now…just think of all the savings you’ll make – all the more for spending on Hexmas shopping!

3. Don’t keep waiting!

Sale items have usually been on a website for a while (although not always!) so chances are there probably aren’t loads left in stock. Better to get 10% or 20% off now if you see something you love, than miss out completely when you check back in a week and find someone else has stolen your bargain!

4. Don’t assume On Sale = Poor Quality!

There are loads of reasons why things get put on sale...and it’s not to do with lack of quality! Certain items just don’t get the attention they deserve first time around, sometimes there might only be one or two left or only in one size, sometimes they’re just taking up too much space where new goodies could be living…don’t be afraid of sale items, and don’t assume that if they’re in the sale section that they’re unpopular or lacking in quality. There are some real gems in the sale, just waiting to be discovered, and you could find your new favourite!

5. You can still return it!

Sale items can still be returned, so don’t worry too much about taking a risk! We know that sometimes a bargain can look so good our judgement gets a bit clouded, but if an item doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit, or you’re just not that into it, you can always send it back to us! Different stores have different policies on returns, and some will only offer store credit for returned sale items, so if you’re going sale hunting, make sure to carefully check the returns policies of individual stores before you commit to buying something. But, if you’re shopping with us, you can return an item to us for an exchange, store credit, or a refund, and if you’re in the UK you can send it back to us for free! Sometimes taking a risk can really pay off, and the best time to take a punt on something is after a big price crunch!

So what’s going on in our sale section right now? Here are some of our awesome bargains and style steals…but they won’t be there for long!

Milisha Printed Vest Tops

Everyone needs a comfy, cool vest top for chilled out summer days (and lounging around the house in). And one with a suitably gothic slogan is even better! ‘The I’m Hatin’ It’ and ‘Wear Black Drink Absinthe’ vest tops from Milisha are a crazy steal at 69% off…that amounts to a saving of over £20!

The Rogue and the Wolf Jewellery

The Rogue and the Wolf are an awesome brand producing super cool, Instagram-worthy jewellery with modern witchy vibes, and we’ve got loads of styles at great prices at the moment. The minimal yet dramatic reaper ring is on sale for just under 40% off!

Discounts on Disturbia

We’ve got loads of cool styles from Disturbia newly added to our sale section, including some recently added items that are still extra hot! Savings from 10% off right up to over half price in some styles!

Alchemy England Accessories and Homewares

Loads of gorgeous homewares, jewellery and gifts from Alchemy have been added to the sale! These gorgeous intricate designs add macabre elegance to your look (or your home!) and just exude luxury. If there was ever a time to treat yourself, it’s now!

Necessary Evil

Some gorgeous pieces from the last Necessary Evil collection have now hit our clearance sale – many of these items, like the Ares Trousers, Diana jacket, Mars hoodie and more, are solid bestsellers that customers really love, and they won’t be around forever as we make space for new collections!


New Rocks, Iron Fist heels, Steel Ground boots, TUK creepers…now’s your chance to get yourself a new favourite pair of shoes, without breaking the bank! You can filter by your shoe size to find styles available in your size, by colour or brand, or choose between boots or shoes, or you can filter by price and see what’s up for grabs in your price range. There’s no better feeling than getting a pair of shoes you’ve been lusting after for months at a steal!

We hope these top tips are helpful when you're on your next bargain hunting adventure! Keep checking out our Clearance Sale section for newly added discounted items, and we hope you find the style steal of your dreams!


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