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Killstar alternative clothing and goth fashion
Gothic and alternative clothing brand Killstar are back at KC and now also making awesome goth shoes and boots.
Killstar, UK 10 (S)
The gorgeous Ragnarok jacket features an awesome detachable faux fur collar, with matching faux fur cuffs, and lovely stud detailing.

Killstar, UK 16 (XL), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
Made from a beautiful stretch jersey, this super flattering dress features an eye catching keyhole neckline with pentagram strap detailing.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The stunning Potion Princess skater dress from Killstar is covered in gorgeous details which make this dress a must have!

Killstar, UK 5, UK 9, UK 4, UK 8, UK 7, UK 6
The gorgeous Malice trainers are made from a lovely crushed black velvet and faux leather combination, with an eye catching pentagram design on the side.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The awesome Bury Bridgette sweater from Killstar features a gorgeous distressed cable knit design.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The gorgeous Ghostwood dress from Killstar is a super flattering skater cut, with a classic contrasting white collar, and white cuffs.

Killstar, One Size
This gorgeous wooden box is shaped like a casket, and features a lacquer finish, as well as a luxurious red velvet lining.

Killstar, One Size
The gorgeous Tokyo Nights socks feature super cute faux leather bat wings on the back of the hem.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The gorgeous Holy Terrorz dress features a classic cold shoulder fit, with mesh sleeve detailing, and an adjustable choker neckline.

Killstar, One Size
Shaped like a classic coffin, this awesome zip closing bag also has large detachable bat wings, and Killstar branding.

Killstar, UK 9, UK 5, UK 4, UK 3, UK 6, UK 8
The stunning Evilyn shoes feature a gorgeous metal pentagram charm on the toe, with an eye catching bat wing bow

Killstar, UK 9, UK 4, UK 5, UK 7, UK 6, UK 8
The awesome vegan leather Nancy boots from Killstar feature a subtle but effective design made up of pentagram adornments.