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Killstar Gothic Clothing
We love pretty much everything there is about Killstar - they help make goth cool again! The popular brand has been hailed for bringing the gothic aesthetic back in to todays culture - setting the scene and paving the way for Insta -goths to take over our social media. Flooding the web with with their edgy, contemporary clothing , Killstar is easily identifiable with their contemporary designs, occult imagery , and a lust for bold slogans.

They've helped alt. girls and boys around the world to 'do' Goth with easy versatility – great for those wanting to dress up and accessorize to express their individuality , or simply tone down their style for a subtle every day gothic look. Goth has been brought right up to speed in 2017!

The brands cult like following has helped unite dark souls world wide, and while doing so, creating a new gothic subculture. Killstar has also made the gothic look accessible to those wanting to start dabbling in a darker style. The alternative scenes biggest names can be seen wearing the brand, and amazing collaborations with Goth icon Marilyn Manson show Killstar going from strength to strength. Their contemporary credibility has helped changing the face of Gothic style as we know it, inspiring a scourge of new brands . And lo and behold, a gothic ,ultra dark, cult style for the new wave of Goth was born with Killstar!

Many amazing alternative brands have been combining new elements of Gothic style to cater for the new voices of gothic style appearing in growing demand. One of our favourite brands, Necessary Evil, has been producing items perfect for layering, and creating that cyberpunk, gothalyptic, look with hints of traditional, vampiric tones creeping in too. Take a peek at their new collection here and , get a taste of some fresh dark style.

One of the newest brands on the scene, 'Folter' have mixed a traditional Gothic look, with a new wave of elegant, ritualist style . Folter are know for their long , moody maxi dresses and layers of wide pattern lace - a high class, high impact look!

Restyle, a brand most well know for their accessories, also produce some epic clothing too. The latest collection is wonderfully witchy, perfect for updating your coven's uniform…..

Finally , if you're looking for simple , stylish and sophisticated pieces, Gothic Attitude are great gothic value , offering perfect pieces for a subtle Goth look!