Moving Platforms - A Quick Round Up

by Kate Whitegroatt
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So here we are!

Our shiny brand new site! We're so excited and so very grateful to you and our other lovely customers for sticking with us over all the upheaval. It's been eventful, but you guys have been so supportive.

Why did we move?

Well we'd been with our old platform providers for pretty much 10 years (what can I say, we're creatures of habit) and it was ok. Not amazing, but ok. Then it got a bit less than ok. Then their integration with Paypal UK fell over last year, leaving us trying to manually stay on top of all Paypal payments, before anyone's items sold out. They told us they'd fix it some time, but they didn't know when and couldn't even ask the team fixing it, how long it would take. To date, they still haven't fixed it. So that was that, high time to move on. Terrifying! 10 years is a little hard to walk away from.

Where to?

After loads of research, tonnes of indecision and 2nd guessing ourselves we decided to go for it with a lesser known but robust and safe, super adaptable e-commerce platform. The difference between the 2 was stark. When we queried a minor issue, we got a response the same day, telling us it would be fixed in the next update and lo and behold, a week later, it was. What a contrast! Plus it's so much fun, if it doesn't already do something we want, we can change it. It might take a little while to fully test something new, but we can constantly improve based on feedback from you guys.


So off we went, we got everything set up, and tested it in every which way. Then we drafted in a couple of waves of helpful beta testers, refined, and improved it. We carefully planned our moving day so we were all on hand to help. But before that, it was time to take the plunge with some serious use, so we ran one of our legendary Reverse Auctions on it. Two days in, we realised someone here had accidentally deleted most of our size 8s, 10s, plus sizes and a load of our shoe sizes. So we worked round the clock to manually re-list every single one. Then we discovered the mobile version of the Safari browser is pretty temperamental with our new site. Please get in touch if you are a mobile Safari user (ipads, iphones etc) it's being fixed but as it only happens in a very small number of cases it's hard to pin down so all feedback is really, really helpful. Then what? Then half of us got sick. Then the rewards points system seemed to stop letting people redeem their points and we had to scramble to replace them with gift certificates. It turns out we had just failed to tick a box on some products to allow payment in points (Doh!) All fixed now, sorry. Things weren't going too bad at this point, considering. Then my heating broke down, and after 4 days of fighting with insurance companies from a cold house, it turned out rats had chewed through the pipes under my house, under my children's bedrooms. But enough about me...

Moving Day

Went pretty well, only one false start and our old hosting providers tried to make all our emails disappear, but again, not too bad considering. So many of you were so patient and helpful during the move, while we got everything straightened out. We can't thank you enough. We are so lucky to have such a lovely bunch of customers. On to the shiny new site...

What new stuff does it do?

  • Filters - Our favourite new thing is the filters, especially the size filters. Now you can click your size and only see the items we have in stock in your size.
  • Bigger Product Images
  • More ways to Earn Reward Points you can now get points for reviews, photo submissions and more.
  • Comparison List – If you're debating between styles or want to see some things side by side, you can now add them to your Comparison list. (Hardly ground breaking stuff, I know, but new and exciting for us).
  • Wish List Sharing – You can now email your wish list to someone or share it on social networks.
  • Social login –Customers can login using their google account, with Facebook and others planned at a later date.
  • Product Image Flipping – You'll soon be able to preview the back view of a product just by hovering over it in the category view.
  • Product Size Availability – We're planning to show the availability in your size, before you have selected, so you see in a glance. This feature is on it's way soon. In the meantime, there is still the size filter feature so you don't have to look that far in the first place.
  • Auto-product Loading – We have plans to have the products automatically load as you scroll down, so you don't have to keep clicking through pages. We're just refining it now and it should be released this month.
  • Lots more in the Pipeline – We have loads more features planned once we're all well settled in on the new site, keep an eye on our blog and/or Newsletter to keep up to date.


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