New Brand: MetalliMonsters

by Kate Whitegroatt

Kate's Clothing is happy to announce that we have started offering products from the adorable brand MetalliMonsters. A brand known for its children's range of alternative clothing for newborn up to age 8.

MetalliMonsters first began in 2013, after new mum Carol (Owner) was disappointed when trying to find baby clothes for her Baby daughter Ariel. With experience in fashion design, Carol took it upon herself to start designing clothing for babies/children that had the edge the high street was missing. Following support from the Princes Trust Enterprise Programme, MetalliMonsters officially launched. Starting with clothing for newborn to 2 years, Carol created a range of vests and dresses, producing them by herself. Then within the first year, the ranges expanded to age 4, along with additional seamstresses coming onboard.

Arial & New Sister, Aria Modelling some of MetalliMonsters.

Since then it has been 5 years, with a expanded range of products that now include shirts, leggings and accessories. With plans to create more prints, separate pieces & gift sets, we look forward to see what's next for MetalliMonsters.

To get your little monster clothing without the cliché, check out the range below of what we sell here at Kate's Clothing.


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