Nice, But Not For That Price!

by Kate Whitegroatt
cheap alternative clothing

Why are some items so expensive?!

As you all know, we take your feedback very seriously here at KC HQ and after a lot of comments on our Facebook and other social channels, we have decided to write a little blog on pricing!
It is important to us that you guys understand how and why we price things and what makes KC different to other outlets when it comes to good value!

Firstly lets talk about how pricing works… Often you guys will say things like ‘it’s nice but why is it so expensive when you can get similar (but often much plainer) items for less on the High Street!’ The main difference here is that the high street shops manufacture or buy massive quantities which means all the items become cheaper. Plain, crowd pleasing items like your basic wardrobe pieces end up at such good prices because they are very little risk so the companies can buy literal tonnes of these items. This is relevant to our price because alternative clothing is the opposite of this. Alternative fashion and Gothic fashion is niche, and therefore risky… and also very limited as to who likes it… we are like a little elite fashion club. So companies making alternative clothing can’t get great prices by manufacturing tonnes, they have to carefully walk a line between style, price and quantities to function. Alt fashion loves detail, but detail makes things more expensive to make. We know Alt shoppers love a good price but cheap items can often be low quality or not detailed which can mean they are in some way disappointing and we wouldn’t like to stock items that lack either a wow factor or a bit of lasting power here at KC HQ! So please don’t feel like an item’s price is set to rob you, Alternative clothing companies are small, they are not like the Primarks of this world so they have to their best to juggle many aspects and deliver on STYLE, QUALITY and of course PRICE!

Also there is a moral element to consider. When you look at a pair of studded detailed trousers don’t forget that in a factory somewhere on the other side of the world is a person riveting those studs in. Every single one take time. When you look at a pair of jeans like Punk Rave's Skin Changer Trousers and consider this fact, then you realise why they are pricey! So many of the details are added by a real person who most likely works very long shifts and isn’t paid a great deal! I think more of us would be happy to pay the set price or in fact more if we could see that pricing affects real people, people who most likely deserve to be paid more! Manufacture is very competitive on the other side of the world while over here in the UK prices for garments are being driven down... I can assure you the prices that we sell these items for are the best we can do considering what we pay to have them, plus we like to make sure our items come from a responsible source! I always think that even though some alternative pieces are very expensive sometime pieces are just worth the money… and if you think that they are not you just probably don’t like it enough!

Let me get specific about our pricing at KC now. We try extremely hard to give you guys the best price we can on everything we stock here… and we like to think you wouldn’t find ANY of our items cheaper anywhere else as we work so hard at good value! This is why we started our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! As a thank you for your loyalty in shopping with us and a nod to the tradition of excellent value that we like to uphold here we will give you 120% of the price difference, if you manage to find any of our items cheaper elsewhere! Now you can’t say fairer than that!



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