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Punk Rave Clothing is fast becoming one of the most popular Gothic Clothing Brands around with their modern take on classic and traditional gothic design. Here at Kate's Clothing we are proud to be one of the few places you can obtain Punk Rave Clothing in the UK and are doing our best to give you a great supply of Awesome Gothic Punk Rave Tops, Stunning gothic Punk Rave Jackets and lets not forget the Legendary Gothic Punk Rave Leggings. This modern gothic brand is super versatile so whether your look is Traditionally Gothic, Industrial Gothic, or a little bit Lolita you will find something ideal in this category!
Punk Rave, UK 22, UK 20 (3XL), UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S)
Stunning and unique, highly detailed gothic leggings from Punk Rave. The most 'stand out' feature of this item is the embroidered mesh t?

Punk Rave, UK 16 (XL), UK 12 (M)
The breath taking Gears dress is covered in gorgeous details including a faux brown suede underbust inspired waistline.

Punk Rave, UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M)
The stunning Dryad dress from Punk Rave is styled to look like an overbust corset being worn over a bustle skirt.

Punk Rave, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S)
The Bagira Dress is made from a lightweight soft jersey and features faux leather corset style lacing down the front, and down the back.

Punk Rave, UK14 - UK16
Stunning Gothic top from Punk Rave. Featuring a delicate lace neckline and around the hem, this long sleeve top is a must have! As well ?

£199.99 £96.66
Punk Rave, M, L
The Lestat cloak is covered in stunning details including a fully lined twill waistcoat.

Punk Rave, XL to XXL, M to L, XS to S
The lovely Miserere dress has a classic witch cut with long pointed sleeves, and a high low hem.

Punk Rave, UK10 - UK12, UK14 - UK16
The lovely Luna top features a classic cowl neckline, long pointed sleeves, and an asymmetric hemline.

Punk Rave, One Size
The Black Echo cardigan is a great piece of Gothic everyday clothing and features small metallic skull buttons, as well as beautiful ruched details.

Punk Rave, XL to XXL, M to L, XS to S
The stunning sleeveless Decadance top is made from a fine black mesh, with a subtle embroidered rose design.

£199.99 £96.66
Punk Rave, One Size
The Phantom cloak is made from a dramatic black velvet, and fastens around your neck using traditional ties.

Punk Rave, UK8 - UK12, UK14 - UK16
The gorgeous Nemesis top features an eye catching black mesh neckline, topped with embroidered lace detailing