Reverse Auctions

We periodically run what we call a Reverse Auction on our sale section. These are hugely popular with our customers and the long standing ones are well versed in the detail now, but if you're new, you might be wondering what they're all about.

Why do we have Reverse Auctions?

Well here at Kate's Clothing, every so often we'll need to quickly clear some space (because we have a whole heap of exciting new styles about to arrive) or we rapidly need to raise some funds (because we got over excited and spent too much money on exciting new styles) so we'll throw caution to the wind and start slashing the prices of our clearance items.

How does it work?

Every day we'll reduce the price of every single item in our clearance sale section by 10% (of what it was the day before). It normally runs for 5 days, or 6 if we want to go nuts about it. The longer you hold on, the cheaper the item will get, but there's a catch! Remember these are all clearance items. In some cases we might have quite a lot of stock left, but in most cases we're getting down to the last ones and twos. So it's a battle of nerves, hold on as longs as you can, but leave it too long and someone else might grab the last one.

When do they happen?

Sorry, but there's no definitive answer on this one, we generally just run them whenever the need arises. However, we almost always do one towards the end of January, plus 2 or 3 more spread out throughout the year. If you've signed up to our newsletter, you'll be amongst the first to know, the moment we start one.

Where do I find the items being discounted?

Right here in our Clearance Sale Section.Everything in this section is included in the sale.