Safe Rescue For Black Dogs

by Laura Harvey

With the increase in animal photos on social media, it has caused people looking to adopt animals to want more colourful & lighter pets, leaving the darker pets left behind. This trend has happened across all pets, with cats & dogs being the worst at having all the dark/ black animals left behind, or longest to adopt.

To combat this, here's a shout out to Safe Rescue for Dogs. A charity with the belief that all dogs are equal and all equally deserve the good things in life. With a range of dark/black dogs ready for adoption, just waiting for their forever home.

Here's a few of the adorable dogs available for adoption and their stories, written by 'Safe Rescue Dogs Needing Homes'.


Bonnie is a four-year-old medium sized crossbreed. Bonnie was originally adopted from us three years ago but has recently been returned. Bonnie is a very happy, confident and energetic girl who really needs some basic training. She has a lovely character and a sweet nature but just lacks the basic good dog manners that would be expected in a dog of her age. She is strong on a lead but good off lead and really needs a home that enjoys walking because half an hour around the block is definitely not going to cut it for her. Bonnie is house trained and travels well in a car. She mixes well with other dogs and can happily muck in and play with even the most boisterous dogs in her foster home. Bonnie loves children but can be a bit exuberant for really young kids or those lacking in confidence around dogs.


Baloo is a 6-year-old medium sized black labrador cross. Baloo was rescued from a shelter in Romania and brought to the UK by another rescue. After a few weeks with them they felt they couldn't give him the socialisation he needed to progress him enough to be fit for adoption so asked us if we would help. As this is the kind of dog we love to take on of course we agreed. Baloo is a dear boy with a sensitive nature. He bonded with me very quickly and the key to him gaining confidence lay in his walks. Initially, he didn't want to go and jumped at every sound but now he follows me around the house until I take him and once out he has the time of his life. It's so wonderful to see the uptight dog that he can be at home relax into the playful, tail wagging chap he is when he's running the fields or the beach. He is still quite quiet at home and extremely calm and well behaved. On walks, he comes into his own and has a lovely time running and playing with his pals. Ideally, Baloo would find a home with one or two other confident dogs as he really does enjoy canine companionship. This quiet and thoughtful boy so needs someone who understands that life is still scary for him sometimes. He needs someone that can give him the one to one time that he cannot have here so that that the human contact is more regular throughout the day. He is still wary of my approach but once I have hold of him he enjoys a fuss and will sit on the sofa with me. I would dearly love to see this boy given the time and patience he needs to blossom into the dog that I see within him.


Max is a fourteen month old collie. Clearly, this is a cute dog.... but before you get carried away by the beauty of his pictures please read this information carefully. Max was rescued from a public shelter in Romania. He was a young puppy still with his mum and the horrors of the public shelter have had an impact on him. He's a darling little dog who likes to be around people and other dogs but is currently still afraid of human hands. He will choose to sit with me and on me on the sofa but the minute my hand moves towards him he leaps away. This response is not a permanent state for him. Over time he will learn that human hands no longer mean violence and abuse to him and in fact now only bring love, kindness and food! Max really needs a home with another confident dog as to find himself in a home with just humans and no 'back up' would be quite mind-blowing for him. Also, he is extremely playful and needs a dog companion to interact with. His new adopters would need to be patient and experienced with a clear intent to work with him through the next few months to mold him into a confident and happy dog who can leave his fears far behind him. Max is not suitable to live with young children. He loves his walks and this is another key to his happiness and peace of mind. Max is a beautiful little dog inside and out. The cards he was dealt at the start of his life were not to be wished on any dog but he's young and fixable and he's already bouncing back!


Up for adoption is this snorting, snuffling, grumbling, grunting, groaning and belching warthog. Sorry, dog. Teona is about 9 years old and is either a Labrador cross with ridiculously short legs, or a staffy cross with completely the wrong head. In the words of my lodger on seeing Teona for the first time “that is a very strange looking dog”. She has had a rough life: many litters, a skin disease which left her nearly bald and a near-fatal dog attack which has left her with a permanent hole in her neck. That said, she is one happy, waggy tailed girlie who keeps me constantly amused with her (not always gentle) ways to get my attention, which she would love all to herself. She doesn’t much like the other 2 bitches in the house but is completely fine with my small male dog. She loves her walks and is great on lead though can be very strong if she sees a bird. I walk her on a harness due to the hole in her neck. Unfortunately, she hates visitors and would need to be kept separate. However, when she was brought to my house she instantly wanted to be my best friend and took no time at all to settle in. She is clean in the house and quiet at night. I have cats here and although not overly interested in them I wouldn’t trust her with them.


Caitlin is a four-year-old border collie cross. She has been with us for some time now after we rescued her from a private shelter in Romania. Caitlin is a calm and pleasant girl to have around the home. She would ideally suit a collie experienced home as she does display many collie traits ( ie chasing cyclists ;) ) She absolutely loves her walks. Caitlin currently lives with a multitude of other dogs and gets on well with them all. She cannot live with cats.


Baxter is a bouncy and playful pup that's not had the ideal start in life. He was rescued from the streets of Romania and brought to the UK via a private adopter. Unfortunately, his ordeal in Romania had left him quite nervous and being placed straight into the hub of a family was overload for him and he didn't cope well. We offered to step in and help with his transition to family life and he's now ready for his own forever home. Baxter is a lively little chap who has learned to be confident in a home environment and is friendly and affectionate to everyone here. His general manners are improving but he still finds it very hard to resist jumping up and as such we would be looking for a home for him with no children under ten. Baxter would benefit from a dog playmate in the home but is still a bit of a wimp when play gets too rough or boisterous. His fractured start in life has been hard on him but he's now coming out of his shell and will make someone a loving and affectionate companion. He loves his walks and is excellent off the lead.


Sasha is a medium sized crossbreed. At a guess, I would say she has some Belgian shepherd and collie in her. She is estimated to be around five years old. Sasha's road to rehabilitation has been a long one. She had been in the Radauti shelter in Romania for a long time prior to coming to us. On arrival, she was a real wild child and for months rebelled against anything I tried to teach her that humans could be kind. In all honesty, I don't know what it was that changed her attitude towards me. I went out for a walk one day without her and she cried at the gate to get to me.... this was the day she just decided she liked me. She has gone from strength to strength since that very precise moment. She asks to come for walks, she lets me put a lead on with no difficulties, she lets me groom her, she takes treats from absolute strangers. She is great on lead and would literally follow me anywhere off the lead. Sasha still needs a very special home. She sits in the same room as me in the evenings but doesn't approach me for a fuss or sit with me. I think in a home with less dogs she will do but here it is the stronger characters that get the sofa space and the shyer dogs don't bother to try. Sasha LOVES other dogs, she will play for hours with the others and is always the first to get new foster dogs to play. I would not trust her with cats or birds after she swam behind a duck on the river for over twenty minutes one day (I swear the duck was laughing at her but she did not give up and get out of that river till' she could literally swim no more!). She would need to be in a home with no very young children but dog savvy older children would be fine. She is very food orientated so her trust would be easily gained in a new home but initially, I think she will be a little shy. Sasha now has a wonderful character, she is cheeky and fun. I don't know if she will ever be the most affectionate dog in the world but she is certainly making great efforts to become a good pet.

For the full list of black dogs, you can find it on their facebook page in the album Safe Rescue Black Dog.

To find out more or get in touch about adopting you can find Safe Rescue for Dogs at their Facebook page or directly to their Website .



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