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Goth to geek chic, punk to pastel: shop by style Jewellery

This super cute set of 2 necklaces features a detailed raven skull, one in black, and one polished pewter.

The lovely Wiccan Elemental pendant features a pewter pentagram, with pastel colour Swarovski crystals at the five points.

Et Nox, One Size
These gorgeous sterling silver hoop earrings from Et Nox feature a delicate pentacle design.

Et Nox, One Size
Another awesome piece of gothic jewellery from Et Nox! This beautiful pair of sterling silver hoop earrings feature a small dangling silver skull.

£674.99 £399.99
Breath takingly unique handmade piece from The Original Atelier! Featuring three large black gems surrounded by red gems and crystals.

The gorgeous Ostrogoth earring is designed to look like a dragon is wrapping around your ear.

Killstar, One Size
These stunning earrings feature a super detailing crescent moon design, which is made to look like the moon is piercing through your ear.

Killstar, One Size
The gorgeous Astrid choker from Killstar features a beautiful silver rose in the centre, with metal chain detailing, of the lovely faux leather choker strap.

Et Nox, Q, U, T
This beautiful piece of alternative jewellery from Et Nox features an awesome, detailed, snake design which coils around your finger.

Killstar, One Size
The stunning metal Temptress headdress from Killstar features a centre parting chain, and beautiful draping chains connected to a (third) eye catching crescent moon.

Alchemy Gothic Jewellery Range, UK N, UK T, UK Q, UK L
The gorgeous Bastet ring from Alchemy Gothic is features a detailed cat face, with glowing red crystal eyes.

Gothic Attitude, One Size
Beautiful statement Gothic necklace from Gothic Attitude! This dramatic gunmetal grey necklace features a chain made up of skulls of various sizes.
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