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Teen Spirit: Punk Rock Streetwear and Grunge Casuals

From slouchy grunge street style to edgy punk, metal and rocker clothing, we have counterculture fashion for all those who refuse to go mainstream: alternative clothing that screams anarchy as loud as you do. Whether you show your alternative streak through punky tartan, buckles and studded leather, or grungy distressed denim, slogan tees and check shirts down to your knees, everything alternative can be found right here. The term 'alternative' might seem a little vague, but at heart it's pretty simple - its an alternative to mainstream fashion. Unlike our Gothic section, everything isn't black all the time, and we've got alt clothing that's a little more wearable (jeans, slouchy shirts, comfortable boots) as well as some more extreme alternative looks. These are the kinds of clothes you can go to a gig or hang out in the park in, but we like to think underground parties and hitting the metal clubs is an option too! We only stock smaller, independent brands, because alternative fashion isn't about showing off your labels, but you'll still recognise awesome alternative clothing brands like Disturbia, T.U.K, Sourpuss and Banned Apparel, alongside many other great providers of alternative fashion, footwear and accessories. Alternative fashion is rooted in the music scene, counterculture, rebellion and originality, so we provide clothing and accessories to help you express all these ideas, but of course, with alternative fashion, its up to how you dress it - there's no template for alternative style, otherwise it wouldn't be alternative!