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Gothic Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

The Rogue and The Wolf, UK 20 (3XL), UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The gorgeous Spirit Ward leggings from The Rogue and The Wolf feature an awesome white print of a snake wrapping around the legs with stars, and a crescent moon.

This essential hair dye kit includes a mixing bowl, tint brush, and gloves.

Necessary Evil, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The gorgeous Minyades skirt is made from a stunning purple iridescent mesh and features a faux leather waistband.

Punk Rave, UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The beautiful Mishka suspender dress is made from a high quality faux suede, and features adjustable buckle shoulder straps.

Punk Rave, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
Super cute stretch denim short shorts from Punk Rave. With an awesome dystopian style these grey and black shorts feature metallic spike?

Restyle, One Size
This awesome traditional style bowler hat from Restyle is a perfect accessory to add to your gothic, steampunk, vintage or alternative wardrobe. Made from 100% wool, this hat is very high quality, with a reinforced brim and sturdy fabric that keeps its shape.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S), UK 8 (XS)
The gorgeous Etta skirt features Killstar classic burnout velvet design of moths, stars, crescent moons, and a touch of paisley.

The gorgeous Cat Sith necklace features a stalking black pewter cat, with striking red Sarovski crystal eyes.

Punk Rave, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL), UK 14 (L), UK 12 (M), UK 10 (S)
The awesome Nazgul trousers from Punk Rave are covered in gorgeous distress detailing, and ripped net, which gives them a great gothalyptic vibe.

Punk Rave, M to L, XS to S
This beautiful take on Punk Rave's classic Rhea top features an eye catching string style choker neckline with metallic charm detailing.

Killstar, UK 18 (XXL), UK 16 (XL)
This gorgeous lightweight vest features a statement strappy neckline, v-shaped hem, and a slightly cropped fit.

Dr. Martens, UK 3, UK 4, UK 5
Awesome pair of knee high leather boots from Dr. Marten's! These lovely matte black boots feature an impressive 20 eyelets.
From the alt Victoriana fantasy style of Steampunk, through to the dystopian, futuristic styles of Cyberpunk and Gothalyptic, gothic fashion, though a broad category, has its defining features: dark, dramatic and just a little bit frightening, gothic clothing is bold even when it's understated. Whether you are a Victorian dream in lace gloves, velvet dresses and satin corsets, or a Cyberpunk bandit in fishnets, buckles and rivets, you delight in the dark and macabre, living the gothic fantasy lifestyle every day. Nu Goth and Trad Goth styles are more wearable, but still feature those dark, devilish details that make gothic clothing so unique - perhaps its a bell sleeve, corset lacing or distressed patches; occult symbols or a creepy print. If you delight in the unusual and sinister, and aren't afraid of delving into dark places, then you're in the right place.