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Gothic Socks

Killstar, One Size
Another awesome accessory from Killstar's collab with Rob Zombie! These super cosy knee high socks feature the text 'Living Dead Girl' down the legs

£9.99 £7.99
Killstar, One Size
The awesome All Caught Up knee high socks from Killstar feature a grey spiderweb design, with black and grey stripes on the elasticated cuff.

Killstar, One Size
The gorgeous Marissa socks from Killstar are made from a sumptuous stretch black velvet, and feature a super cute black lace trim.

Gothic Attitude, One Size
These awesome vibrant orange socks feature a repeated black bat design. Super comfy and stretchy one size cotton socks

£14.99 £6.99
Killstar, One Size
The gorgeous Tokyo Nights socks feature super cute faux leather bat wings on the back of the hem.

Killstar, One Size
The gorgeous Lysithea socks from Killstar feature their custom black lace with super cute black ribbons on the thigh with cross charm adornments.
From the alt Victoriana fantasy style of Steampunk, through to the dystopian, futuristic styles of Cyberpunk and Gothalyptic, gothic fashion, though a broad category, has its defining features: dark, dramatic and just a little bit frightening, gothic clothing is bold even when it's understated. Whether you are a Victorian dream in lace gloves, velvet dresses and satin corsets, or a Cyberpunk bandit in fishnets, buckles and rivets, you delight in the dark and macabre, living the gothic fantasy lifestyle every day. Nu Goth and Trad Goth styles are more wearable, but still feature those dark, devilish details that make gothic clothing so unique - perhaps its a bell sleeve, corset lacing or distressed patches; occult symbols or a creepy print. If you delight in the unusual and sinister, and aren't afraid of delving into dark places, then you're in the right place.