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Mens Gothic Coats and Jackets

Mens full length gothic coat by Necessary Evil with a zip front and 4 straps and buckles up the front. The coat features a high collar w?

Black trench coat with hood and high collar, ideal for chilly, sinister nights! With buckles around the wrists and across the chest this trench has attitude. There are pockets in the front and it fastens with a 3/4 length zip.

Necessary Evil, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Necessary Evil Odin Mens Military Jacket. The jacket features epaulettes on the shoulders, a metal zip and satin ribbon detail to define?

Necessary Evil, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, L to XXL, XS to M
The mens Jupiter poncho fastens with an internal button on the left of the neck which creates a great draping effect.

Necessary Evil, M, L, XL
Necessary Evil Orcus Mens Coat Mens medium length coat Decorative leatherette straps Double epaulette detail

Necessary Evil Hephaestus Mens Cape Mens hooded cape Oversized hood High collar with button fastening

Necessary Evil, M, L, XL
The Minos coat from Necessary Evil is a full length mens coat with a large hood, and a partial face-covering collar when zipped to its highest point.

£69.99 £39.99
Necessary Evil, L to XXL, XS to M
The Hestia poncho has button fasteners at the shoulder for a dramatic draped effect, as well as an oversize hood for the ultimate Gothic look.

£49.99 £29.99
Necessary Evil, M, L, XL
Men's evil black hoody with over sized hood, front pocket and straps with black O-ring detail.?
I wanted to write a crack about when you give a girl your jacket you want her to think 'dayum, this jacket is awesome' but I don't want to be sexist and chivalry is dead... so in light of this, here are some stunning men's coats and jackets that will either turn you into a vampire, a character from Assassins Creed, or a member of the caste of 'Game Of Thrones' ...alt fact.