Style Watch: HELLFEST 2017

by Kelly Sabrina
Hellfest Metal Festival 2017

Style Watch: Hellfest 2017

This Summer the KC Team headed to Hellfest, our favourite metal festival in Europe, to take in some international festival style... and here is what we found! Firstly a special thanks to all the festival goers who shared they style hints, tips, and tricks with us in the 33 degree heat and serious dust clouds! It can be a nightmare trying to maintain your style and composure in these extreme 'apocalyptic' conditions, here's how they managed it...

It's rare that you go anywhere and are delighted to find everyone in wearing the same thing but at Hellfest 2017 there one on item everyone had in common... SUNSCREEN. Long gone are the days where a bright red sun burnt neck was a key component to festival chic, I didn't see a sunburnt body part all weekend! Well done Hellfest, this is really something to be proud of!
It was great to see a crowd totally styling out sun dodging with hats, sunglasses and parasols... and an emerging trend for drape items which keep the sun off your skin but are loose and flowing so you don't overheat. A great trend for festivals, holidays, and sunny days out!

Another festival must have this year is the classic denim patch jacket. Though this item has always been popular with old school rockers and people who love biker style, it has seen a resurgence this year... which in turn has lead to patches being way more in demand for 2017. Check out these accidental patch jacket twins!

You don't have to wear black and look crazy metal to enjoy Hellfest. These girls were enjoying the festival with a little retro inspiration... perfect in that serious heat, but not so cool (temperature wise) with a petticoat.

Finally, some honourable mentions! Hellfest has managed to be pretty family friendly which is surprising for such a large festival for heavy music.... and is there anything that says family festival style more than a little babe in big ear defenders <3 Adorable!
With Kawaii style breaking through everywhere, there were definitely some people rocking the Kawaii influence... We think we'll be seeing more of this next Summer!
Another consistent in festival fashion is boots... whether it's DMs or New Rocks, you need a sturdy pair of reliable boots for the rain, mud, or dust you might find yourself in.

Next Hellfest will be held on June 22nd - 24th, you can find out more about the line up, how to get tickets and more on the website...though you are going to have to hang on a few months before tickets are on sale!


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