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The Original Atelier
The Original Atelier specialise is hand made metal accessories. Whether its Gothic, Steampunk, or Fetish, their signature vine like intricate designs are extremely alternative and so very stylish!
£71.99 £39.99
This gorgeous metal mask is covered in intricate details from the beautiful rabbit ears, to the stunning eye lashes.

£49.99 £29.99
Totally stunning, this half face black metal mask features a layered feather design which have been turned up at the ends to create a striking finish.

£102.99 £59.99
The gorgeous Wind Nera tiara is covered in intricacies and striking details, including a large black gemstone, with smaller crystals interspersed.

£37.99 £19.99
This beautiful metal eye mask from The Original Atelier is inspired by a spiders web.

Breath takingly unique handmade piece from The Original Atelier! Featuring three large black gems surrounded by red gems and crystals.

This gorgeous, unique, metal choker stretches out across the top of your shoulders, and is covered in sparkly red gems.

This breath taking black metal choker is studded with crystals and black gems on top of an intricately designed base.

This stunning silvery choker is studded with crystals and gems which really give this piece an extra touch of wow.

£44.99 £24.99
These hand made cat ear accessories are intricately designed, and studded with sparkling clear Swarovski gems.

£64.99 £39.99
This gorgeous hairband features an intricate design inspired by pointed fox ears, and features various black gem stone detailing.