Want Rewards Points For Free?

Want More Reward Points, For Free?

Here's How:

You may not know it already but you, our cherished customers, can collect reward points from more than just shopping with us! 

Here is a list of a few ways you can glean some extra points just by getting involved with our store! Email us on rewards@katesclothing.uk to claim!

1.Tell Us About A Broken Link
Find a broken link on our site and we will add some points to your KC account. 
Reward Value = 10 points

2.Tell Us About A Typo
Find a typo in our text anywhere on site and we will add some points to your KC account.
Reward Value = 10 points

6. Product Review
Tell us and our customers what you liked or didn't like about the item you purchased from KC and scoop up a few extra Reward Points in the process.
Reward Value = 15 Points

7. External Review
If you are really happy with your KC shopping experience and end up leaving a review about us on any online review site, drop us an email to let us know and we will thank you with a fist full of Reward Points!
Reward Value = 25 Points 


Don't forget to point your efforts out to us by emailing rewards@katesclothing.uk so we know to add your points to your account!

Reward points at Kate's Clothing are completely spendable in store. You can choose to use them whenever you check out (providing you have some!), so, you can save them all up and treat yourself to something for free, or use them here and there to make your orders cheaper as you go, it's totally up to you! Either way there is nothing like 'something for nothing' so get cracking and boost your points total today!