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Alchemy Jewellery and Accessories

Alchemy Gothic Jewellery and Accessories

Alchemy Gothic has become a byword for quality and style in the alternative scene and here at Kate's Clothing, we're proud to always be bringing you their latest designs. The entire Alchemy range is made from high quality English pewter right here in the UK and will last an after-lifetime with love and care. Easy to clean, difficult to damage and breathtaking to behold we know you'll never be disappointed with Alchemy!
Beautiful antique style hand mirror from Alchemy Gothic! The Sacred Cat mirror features a Bastet inspired cat face on the back, with a traditional oval mirror.

Stunning half pint beer glass from Alchemy Gothic featuring a ragged dark pewter bat.

Lovely Steampunk inspired desk clock from Alchemy Gothic. This bronze, gold, and silver colour clock features an awesome time machine st?

The 'Black Angel' hand mirror features a lovely 3D design of angel feathers from her wings, wrapping the mirror with the black angel as the handle complete with serpent demons wrapping her legs.

This stunning witchy ring from Alchemy Gothic is inspired by the triple goddess of Wicca.

£13.99 £9.99
This stunning pewter ring is designed to look like two tentacles of a kraken wrapping around your finger.

This awesome and very handy glass skull jar from Alchemy is perfect for keeping your gothic lair spooky and organised!

£29.99 £24.99
The beautiful Rosifix necklace features a blood red Swarovski crystal heart in the centre of a pewter cross.

This awesome pewter bracelet from Alchemy Gothic features a skeletal hand that grips the wrist. With a sprung hinge joint the bracelet is adjustable for different sized wrists.

Tea light holder from Alchemy Gothic features a detailed black rose design, which can hold a standard tea light in the centre.

This intricate and stunning clock from Alchemy is a perfect home accessory to bring some steampunk magic and mystery into your world!

These awesome pewter earrings from Alchemy Gothic symbolise the Triple Goddess of Wicca and the three phases of the moon