About Us

First off, there is a real Kate (it's me)! It was supposed to be hobby back when I started in 2004, not the most imaginative of names but it works (and it's way too late change it now!). Anyway, here we are, many years and two kids later and my passion for it is stronger than ever.


We're a very small team of alternative types (I'm not going to write anyone's name because whenever I do that on an About Us page, somebody leaves. It's happened so many times that I'm now completely superstitious about it. I really like this lot so I don't want that to happen). We have our own dedicated little office and warehouse so we can make sure everything gets the care and attention it should.


What you'll get from us is a curated selection of the best gothic fashion, homeware and more, at a fair price with personal care and attention to customer service. We offer a price match guarantee, free UK shipping (minimum spend applies) and free UK returns. Plus there's a reward points scheme (just click the little "Rewards" button on the bottom right of the screen).


As a micro business, to a certain extent, we're reliant on the big players to lead the way and make sustainable choices more affordable, as they have the economies of scale. However, we're constantly working on ways to improve ourselves. We reuse packaging as much as possible. The mailing bags we use are produced from sugar cane, carbon neutral and fully recyclable. We also helped to plant 1500 trees (like actually, not just paying someone else to do it – I can see some of them out my window as type this). We also use entirely renewable energy in our office and warehouse. Obviously this is nowhere near enough, but we'll keep at it, in any way we can.


We're supporters of the Bat's Conservation Trust, British Heart Foundation and Lend with Care.


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