Rewards Points Info

Please note: The points scheme system was updated on 8th August 2023. It's the same points and rewards but it looks a little different. Also, all your existing points have been transferred. Please contact us if you have any questions.


How to join the Rewards Points scheme

To show our gratitude to our wonderful loyal customers we offer a rewards points system. For every £1 you spend with us (excl. shipping), you can earn 2 points. You can then redeem every 50 points for a £1 gift voucher. To signup to start receiving points for your orders, just locate the blue "Rewards" button on the bottom left of your screen or device.

You will need to have an account on our website and sign in. Please refresh your page after signing in to see your points balance.

Redeeming Points

To redeem your points, click the blue "Rewards" button on the bottom left of your screen or device, then click "Ways to Redeem", then "Redeem". You'll need to have a point balance in order to see the Redeem button. 

Other Ways to Earn

You can also earn 20 points per product review submitted via our website and an extra 20 if you include a photo. Please just contact us with links to each of the products you have reviewed. Please stick to reviewing products you personally own.

We can also manually add points to your account as a thank you for an external review on Google, Trustpilot or other reviews site: 50 points. Just contact us with links to each of the external reviews.

Terms and Conditions

The rewards points system is covered under our general Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Further to this, we request that you do not redeem points earned for items you intend to return. If you do so, any resulting negative points balance will be offset against any refund or store credit due.