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This staple alternative brand worn all over the world started out as a simple work boot - although Dr. Martens are now a fashion forward cult brand, their durable, comfortable and practical nature still makes these shoes ones to cherish for life - and with the right care, they can last a lifetime. Everyone should own at least one pair of Docs!
Dr. Martens, UK 3, UK 9, UK 7, UK 8, UK 5, UK 6, UK 4
The stunning heeled Persephone boots from Dr. Martens features their classic textured Aunt Sally leather.

Dr. Martens, UK 5
The breath taking Pascal boots are covered in a gorgeous rainbow glitter made up of pastel pinks, yellows, blues and greens.

£154.99 £129.99
Dr. Martens, UK 8, UK 5, UK 4, UK 6, UK 7, UK 3
Totally versatile, you can either lace these black leather boots fully for a mid calf finish, or fold down the leg to reveal the faux fur lining.

£149.99 £109.99
Dr. Martens, UK 5
The breath taking Kendra boots from Dr. Martens are made from a super soft and luxurious wine colour nubuck suede.

Dr. Martens, UK 6
The gorgeous Jagger boots from Dr. Martens, in the classic Aunt Sally leather, features awesome strap detailing on the leg.

£129.99 £99.99
Dr. Martens, UK 6
Featuring the AirWair sole, these gorgeous cherry red boots are sturdy, reliable, and totally vegan!

Dr. Martens, UK 4, UK 9, UK 8, UK 7, UK 6, UK 5
These gorgeous Pascal boots are covered in a stunning black blue glitter, have lovely black ribbon laces, and all of the classic DM features.

£129.99 £89.99
Dr. Martens, UK 11, UK 10, UK 7, UK 3
The ultimate classic Dr. Martens boot - the 1460 boot comes with 8 eyelets, the signature AirWair sole and heel loop and the instantly recognisable yellow stitching.

£124.99 £86.66
Dr. Martens, UK 5, UK 7
These awesome soft leather boots from Dr. Martens have a stunning metallic silver finish.

Dr. Martens, UK 5, UK 6
These gorgeous all black boots feature pyramid stud detailing as well as an eye catching 1.5" platform.

Dr. Martens, UK 7
The gorgeous Aimilita boots from Dr. Martens features their gorgeous Aunt Sally leather, and an eye catching red tartan lining.

£79.99 £49.99
Dr. Martens, Kids UK3, Kids UK5, Kids UK4, Kids UK1, Kids UK13, Kids UK10
These adorable boots are perfect for the kids in your life, and features a lovely playing card skulls and hearts design.