Latex Care

Getting it on

Latex needs a little more love than your average garment. Some are going to be more tricky than others to put on, but whatever your garment, it is essential to be patient. It'll be worth it!

Watch out for the sharp stuff. Keep your nail out the way and put your heels on after you're safely enrobed. The same rule goes for any sharp jewellery you may be wearing and be aware that body jewellery metal, fake tanning products, and exposure to sunlight can cause irreparable staining to latex garments.
Get the talc. Using talcum powder on the inside of the garment and on your body can help ease the process of dressing immeasurably.
Step in to your Dress. Pull the zip all the way down. Pull the whole thing up over your hips, wiggling until it sits around your waist. From there pull the upper of the dress on and then start working the garment down for a sleek comfortable fit.
Treat your leggings like tights but more carefully. Same with long sleeve tops.

Next Make it Shine

Using a lint free cloth pour a small amount of your chosen latex shine product and start to buff over your garment, paying special attention to the seams. If you find you are getting a white residue then just add a bit more polish over it, it’s simply some of the talcum powder used in production that has released from the seams. Alternatively, grab a suitable silicon spray, hold about 30cm away and spray lightly until you're as shiny as your best lip gloss.

Put it Away!

Do not skimp on the after care. Give it some love if you want to keep it.
This is the best way to keep it in tip top condition: While your latex may have come off in a pile on the floor it will need attention asap! First, gently wash your latex in a sink with warm water and washing up liquid or mild shampoo, then drain the sink and rinse the bubbles off. Refill your sink and add in a few drops of your chosen latex shine product and pop your garments back in. Mix around and then hang to drip dry over a bath preferably. Latex is most susceptible to metal staining when wet so always use plastic hangers. Once it's fully dry, pop in a garment bag (or failing that, a bin bag) to protect from dust and sunlight. If you need to store your latex little more discreetly then douse in talcum powder and fold and store in a zip seal bag. Beware that if left too long the folds can create permanent creases. Always cover any metal on your garment with tissue or scotch tape to avoid contact staining when in storage!