Where has Everything Gone?

You've caught us in the middle of moving our warehouse! There's hardly anything on the shelves because it's all either being packed up or on the back of a lorry heading to the new place. You can read more about what's been going on in my blogs here. The shelves will be getting more and more empty until there is a few things that aren't going to be sent to the new place, so they are priced to clear fast! The only exception is Radioactive Unicorn which is going to need a full repackaging job before it goes to the new warehouse. So it'll be available right up until the moment we switch over, then it'll disappear for a week or two whilst we get it sorted.

If you can see it on the site and order it, it'll be dispatched just a quick as normal though, no delays.

The moment we're ready at the new place, all the many, many wonderful items will reappear and it'll be back to business as usual. If you haven't already, you can signup to the Newsletter below and I'll let you know when (there's a good chance there'll be a celebratory discount too). In the meantime, please bear with us while we're getting this mammoth task done.