Wholesale: We have moved!

Yes, everything has changed, it's not you, it's us.

As part of our commitment to top notch security, we took the decision to move our ecommerce platform to Shopify. We're excited about the new possibilities this brings and we're hugely grateful to those of you that choose to stick with us.

Why can't I login?

In order to meet our commitments to your data safety and privacy we've not been able to automatically transfer your account details. Unfortunately that means signing up for a new account (sorry about that). You will also then need to contact us in order to enable the wholesale discount AND from now on you will need to apply the following discount code during checkout: WHOLESALE

You'll need to apply the code during checkout using the Shopify checkout (not at the cart). Unfortunately it doesn't currently work with the express checkouts. 

Where do I see what's still available?

You can shop our wholesale range either from the category page here or using the quick shop list here. Please note you will need to select "Available Wholesale" from the Select Collection drop down to view only products with a wholesale discount on the quick shop page.

Don't forget to use the code!


Thanks x