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Alchemy Gothic

Alchemy Unicursal Hex Pendant

Alchemy Unicursal Hex Pendant

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Feel the power of the supernatural with this one-of-a-kind Alchemy Unicursal Hex Pendant! Its hexagram is polished to perfection with a devil eye and two crescent moons for an eye-catching design. Flip it over to uncover a secret five-petaled flower for an extra element of mystical mystique. Wear it and channel hidden forces!

Used in the 16th century by philosophers and hermetic occultists to represent the 'figure of love', and by the infamous Aleister Crowley as the heavenly macrocosm, the entwining of the planetary and elemental forces.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.):H: 45mm (1.77") W: 36mm (1.42") D: 5mm (0.20") Weight: 20g (0.71oz)
(Please note neck jewellery dimensions are excluding the fastenings).

Materials & Origin:
Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter. (Lead, cadmium and nickel compliant).

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