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La Riche

La Riche Directions Hair Lightening Kit (20 Volume)

La Riche Directions Hair Lightening Kit (20 Volume)

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Directions Hair Lightening Kit has been specially formulated to condition and help protect your hair while you lighten. Directions powder bleach contains added conditioning ingredients to help keep hair moisturised during the lightening process. Hair dye results may vary depending on hair type, hair porosity & base colour.

Contents of the kits include:
1 x Bottle Of 20 Vol Cream Peroxide (75ml),
1 x Sachet Of Powder Bleach (25g),
1 x Sachet Of Moisturising Shampoo (10ml),
1 x Instruction Leaflet,
1 x Pair Of Medium Plastic Gloves,
1 x Mixing Tray,
1 x Applicator Brush,
1 x Development Cap

Important Notice; Always carry out a patch test.

Please note: This item can be delivered to the UK only. Please do not order if you are outside the UK.

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