Warehouse Move Update

So things are well underway with the warehouse move now (see my last blog post here if you don't know what I'm talking about) and it's all set to (hopefully) occur next week (w/c 24th June 2024). From Thursday this week (20th June) I'll be starting to pack everything up ready to have it picked up for transport on Monday 24th. 


Empty Shelves

As I pack things up, I'll be taking them out of stock. So you'll still be able to order things I haven't packed yet (and I'll keep dispatching them) but the website is going to be looking more and more sparse as I work my way through it. Then next week, there'll just be some odds and ends (which will be super cheap I might add) until we're up and running from the J&J Global fulfilment centre (hopefully by Friday 21st). It will all come back though and I'm planning on a celebratory discount once it's all working smoothly again, plus some nice big restocks after that.


What about Returns?

Returns will keep working the same way you're used to until some point next week (w/c 24th June 2024). At this point I'll need you to start emailing me to check where to send your returns (either to me or J&J depending on what products you're returning) before sending them. Then after it's been long enough, we'll switch fully over to J&Js nice fully tracked returns system. Don't worry though, I'll update the website with full instructions as things change and you can always email me if you're not sure.


Thanks for Sticking with me!

I'll be working extra hard to make sure things go smoothly so please send me good vibes and wishes for some smooth running. I'm hoping this move will bring many advantages both for me and to my lovely customers. Thank you so much for your loyalty and support, it really means a lot!





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