Heads Up: Warehouse move (and discounts) incoming!

So the short version is, I'm moving the warehouse again and in the run up there'll be some big discounts and bargains to watch out for.

For those of you who might be interested, here's the long version:

I've taken the long overdue decision to get the professionals in to help with holding my stock and fulfilling my orders for me. I've always done this in house, maybe because of my trust issues but also, when I started, 3rd party warehousing really wasn’t a thing, not properly anyway. In recent years though, the sector has grown up and gotten nice and efficient. I’ve picked a well established and growing partner in J & J Global and doing so should bring me and my wonderful customers lots of advantages:

  • Very accurate order picking (we do our best here but we’re only human).
  • I can hold promotions and sales when it suits my customers and the market conditions, not just when I know I can handle the workload around my kids' needs.
  • International sales - I used to have lots, since Brexit almost none, J & J can help with this.
  • Next day delivery can come back! I haven’t offered this for a long time, in case anything went wrong and I couldn’t get the orders out the door. (It hasn’t happened, but I don’t quite know how.)
  • Faster shipping in general.
  • Live order tracking at every stage from store to door.
  • Faster returns handling with drop off location options (UK only).
  • Time and headspace for me to focus on finding the best products and designing for Necessary Evil.

So J & J will bring their expertise and infrastructure to holding the stock, picking and packing your orders and processing returns, while I carry on with everything else, including customer service and curating products etc.

I’ll be working over the next few weeks to get everything in place to make sure the transition goes smoothly. I’ll also be running some brutal discounts to make sure all that work isn’t wasted on things I shouldn’t be keeping. So keep an eye out, especially on the  Killstar items we have left, as well as the Clearance section! 

There will be about a week (hopefully in July) when you won’t be able to order, while I get everything shifted over to the new site, but I’ll give you plenty of warning.

Afterwards, I’m sure I’ll have a few miscellaneous items left which I plan to offer on the facebook page and dispatch myself still. Also, for a little while I’ll need you to email in about returns before sending them, so I can let you know which site to send them to.

I’ll keep you all updated as things progress, but in the meantime, watch out for newsletters to catch the promotions. As always, I’m so grateful for all my lovely customers!




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